Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 28

Ed, Ling, and Envy escape from Gluttony and land in the middle of enemy territory.


Well this situation was about as dramatic and unstable as I was expecting it to be. After all Ed and Ling did just pop out in the middle of the enemy stronghold. Though I suppose the start was a shock for everyone with that guy healing up Ed and Al. Plus his reaction really revealed his close connection to Hohenheim. At this point I suppose you could call him a twin or something like that. Either way they are both clearly not normal. From the reaction from Ling and May Chang he is pretty weird and there is something very strange about his body. Though I suppose that was obvious when he had a third eye that cried out a philosopher stone. Not to mention he’s the ‘father’ of beings that have been around for centuries. There are a lot of questions around that guy and Hohenheim. It makes sense the brothers would call themselves Elric since Ed doesn’t want anything to do with Hohenheim.

But things just got crazier as the episode went along. That guy somehow stopped Ed and Al from using alchemy. After that he turned Ling in to the new Greed. It seems he has the ability to control whether memories are transferred to the body or not. Makes sense since he recreated someone that he had destroyed earlier. On the positive Ling is still inside there somewhere. Although it would seem that only Ran Fan has any chance of getting through to him in there. I can understand him going so far and there wasn’t much of a choice anyways. I just hope that guy can be saved. The weird thing is I didn’t at all notice Ling standing with the homunculus in the new OP. Must have not been paying close enough attention.

Even Scar turned up on the scene and found out the truth about Ishbal. It kind of annoys me that he was any help to Ed and Al considering what he has done. Guess it’s a question of what he is going to do from this point on? Is he just going to keep working on killing the brothers and State Alchemists or focus on the homunculus? I guess he would go after those who started the whole thing first. Still I’m really hoping they don’t try and turn him into anything but another enemy. That Envy fired the first shot doesn’t change what he has done and continued to do since that horrible event.

It was a good thing that Scar and May Chang weren’t affected by whatever that guy did. I suppose it’s because May Chang uses eastern alchemy and Scar’s is unique as well. Whatever it was the guy did it was clearly focused on stopping the type that Ed and Al were using. Either way that guy is a major foe and is difficult to do anything against since he can just block and counter so easily.

Now I wonder what everyone will do next. Mustang has been completely blocked and against that power there isn’t much Ed or Al can do. They really could use some help here but I’m just not sure where it’s going to come from with another ally in Ling being lost. Not a great situation they are all in right now.

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