To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 05

Kuroko and Uiharu have a fight which brings up a promise made in the past.


Well this was a fairly good episode. Really I didn’t end up having very strong feelings about it one way or the other. It was good for Uiharu and Kuroko character development and let us see just how they got to where they are now. It seems Kuroko was always the type that would jump into things and be reckless, whether it is about her affections toward Mikoto or dealing with crimes. It certainly didn’t go well for her in the past or in the present with her not taking consideration the fact there could be multiple criminals. Her usage of teleportation has gotten better but apparently she still makes the same mistakes. It was an unnecessary risk considering they were right outside Judgment and could have waited for some backup to arrive. Maybe that hit by the door she took will remind her to listen to Uiharu and not act so rashly. Well it is Kuroko so sadly can’t say there is much of a chance there.

Well on the positive this episode proved there might be guys in Judgment. Honestly I was wondering since pretty much every single member we’ve seen so far has been a girl. Though of course this is a series where nearly every character period has been a girl except for the villains which have been predominantly male. That first crook will really have to live in shame getting owned by a really small girl. Kuroko obviously has skills, but no one wants to get beaten by a kid. That one crook had a pretty good ability and was smart about how he acted. He didn’t make his presence known until his partner was down and could even escape if necessary. Of course he didn’t expect a certain railgun to come to the rescue.

The series continues to show off some interesting abilities. First we had the x-ray vision which found the gun in the first place and then the Equal Speed ability which while not that fast was pretty efficient. If you couldn’t destroy them they would keep moving and could probably penetrate just about anything. It would seriously be bad to get hit by that.

So it wasn’t a bad episode though didn’t have much Mikoto in it. At the very least it seems next episode will focus more on the present than the past.

4 thoughts on “To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 05”

  1. Yeah, the first crook will get laughed at wherever he goes. Getting KOed by an elementary school girl with a blow to the stomach? That’s just weak man. The other crook was kinda dumb too since for some reason he started talking to Kuroko about helping him rob banks. It’d make more sense for him get some cash and hightail it as soon as possible.

  2. @TJ
    Well considering who the second crook was working with it’s clear he was desperate for help. Plus I’m not sure he really planned on a long term partnership with Kuroko. Might have thought she would cave and give him the money and then he could just turn on her. Either way he wasted way too much time fooling around with Kuroko and should have gotten out quickly.

  3. Nobody mention the gore scene when the burglar stepped mercilessly on Kuroko’s foot? seriously, that would have cause dislocation!! I actually feel hurt hearing Kuroko screaming in pain. I actually wondered how she managed to run and tackle the burglar after that. Needlessly to say, the whole setting up was interesting and the confrontation was epic. And I really like the idea that their power is constantly evolving instead of gifted at the very beginning.

  4. @Blacksun88
    You make a good point there. That was a pretty cringe worthy moment. Actually a smart move to try and limit Kuroko’s mobility. Still that was a pretty ugly moment since that had to hurt like hell. Just added to the guts Kuroko showed at the end to move on that foot.

    Does work with the purpose of Academy City to have powers that grow slowly over time. Sure some like Uiharu never really go anywhere, but Kuroko shows how the curriculum actually can develop their abilities.

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