Umineko no Naku Koro ni – Third Round

I’m not even sure what to say after the conclusion of this round. I feel so manipulated….This is definitely the best of all the rounds so far considering the depth and what went on outside of the game board. While I may not like everything that went down there is no doubt it was really well done. At least for now I’ll be certain not to trust anyone ever again, haha.


But really I was completely owned here. You can’t just do that to people! Pulling the whole sympathetic thing, making us feel bad for Beatrice, having a last stand battle, and then revealing it was all a trick. Curse you Beatrice! Thought it was going down my normal path of liking characters that initially I hated once I could understand them better. Instead it was just a gigantic lie to trick Battler into giving up. If she couldn’t just use the murders to convince him then she would use this new technique. Just really frustrates me that I couldn’t see through it. There is only one way to deal with this situation. Have to barricade the defences and completely refuse to believe anything that comes out of Beatrice’s mouth. Gah, just sucks when you get trolled like that. I’ve never been the type to take being tricked lightly so won’t lower my dislike of Beatrice ever again.

While I don’t think Battler would have signed especially after their behaviour got suspicious it was still a good save by Ange. Bernkastel really brought in a powerful piece here. Besides she needs a chance above 0% to create her miracle. This gives a chance that wouldn’t be possible with Battler fighting alone there. I somewhat expected this with Ange’s appearance in the last episode and the OP. Beatrice has supreme control over that island but she doesn’t have control outside it. Bernkastel clearly isn’t limited by location or time so she could go and bring Ange into this.

Ange is a pretty interesting character though we’ve only seen her for a short time. You can only imagine what she had gone through over the years with her parents and brother having died during that incident. Probably the only thing that kept her alive was waiting for Eva to die and wanting the truth. Eva took the truth to the grave and so Ange could never have it. Not surprised she would feel like dying so at least she could go and see them. Some nice kicks she delivered to those goats and Virgilia. The only thing that bothers me is Bernkastel being a bit vague on what beating Beatrice would get Ange. Hopefully that miracle will allow her to bring her family back and change the tragic result. Anyways it seems that the whole pointing while saying “it’s no good” is a genetic thing. Well either that or Battler did it so much at home that Ange made it a habit.

Of course it just brings more questions about the truth of events. The cigarettes really helped to cut up the alibi that Eva might have had in regards to Maria and Rosa’s deaths. Very well could have just stepped out of the room using some excuse or Hideyoshi wanted to smoke so she left to give him room. Either way it was shown earlier she doesn’t like smoking so no way it would have been done by her husband while she was in there. She might not have been able to sneak out the gun so had to kill those two using more hands on methods. Could have snuck up on them or been non-threatening before killing Rosa and then grabbing a fleeing Maria and choking her to death. Eva also left to rest while the three went out to get supplies. Would be possible to sneak out and kill them all before coming back to her room. While I’d hate to think she could callously kill her husband and child anything is possible. Could have been so angry about George being willing to involve himself with someone of Shannon’s standing that she would rather get rid of him. After all being the head was the most important thing to her.

On the other hand there is the Nanjo problem. It was pretty tightly tied up with the red words. Of course I’m leaning toward something like multiple personalities. Then she could go on a killing spree without actively knowing about it. The damage to Jessica’s eyes could have been intentional. She did look very disturbed when pulling the gun on Battler like that. But the red seemed to make it so Eva wouldn’t have time being with Battler. Maybe she knocked him out, but it said she was under Battler’s constant surveillance….Figuring out the truth is a pain to be sure. At the very least seems clear she killed Battler and is probable for Rosa, Maria, Kyrie, Rudolf, and Hideyoshi. Not going to examine each death but she does seem pretty likely for being responsible. The fact she was alive in 1998 is enough to make her the prime suspect.

A less serious topic is the motivations of Lambdadelta. It seems this whole affair might have been her doing. It might be possible that she pulled Beatrice into the whole affair to lure Bernkastel in. Bern made it clear she was bored and looking for entertainment. Lambdadelta could have had Beatrice set up this game for the sake of getting Bernkastel to participate. Clearly she has feelings toward Bernkastel. She was probably quite upset that Bern won the last game and thus didn’t have to pay attention to her any longer. The way she was talking to Beatrice seems to hint at it. She wants Beatrice to keep winning indefinitely and thus having Bernkastel struggle indefinitely. You can tell the type of person Bernkastel is in that she won’t quit until victory. Thus if she can never win she will keep on fighting and Lambdadelta can continue to enjoy it.

This was a huge round and I’m impressed how good a job was done in tricking people. I will put full support behind Battler and Ange. They have been dragged into this situation and will have to fight with everything they have to get out of it.

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  1. Believe me, being trolled by EP 3 is a major reason why people love the arc the most. Virgilia being in on the entire thing was especially surprising I would say.

    As far as Nanjo’s death goes Evatrice basically ruled out Eva, Jessica or Battler doing it. It wasn’t a suicide and the killer point blank killed them. Which means someone not confirmed dead had to of done it. This leaves Kyrie, Rudolf, Hideyoshi, Natsuhi and Krauss as the potential murderers. Natsuhi, Krauss and Rudolf probably didn’t live and even if the first two lived their ankle and knee were impaled so I doubt they could walk all the way to the mansion and back to the arbor without being caught.

    This only can leave Hideyoshi or Kyrie as Nanjo’s killer be default.

  2. @Marion
    Yeah though I didn’t go into it thought the only possibility was one of the deaths being faked. Eva-Beatrice didn’t discount that. She only said Eva, Battler, and Jessica were alive at the time of the murder. Of course she said it was done at point blank range yet only Jessica and Nanjo were in the room when it happened. Even if one of the deaths were faked how could they kill from point blank range while not being in the room? Unless he was killed at the doorway thus putting him in the room but not the culprit.

    Of course I have an issue with the whole red being truth in the first place. If you initially start with a lie then every time you use red it won’t necessarily be the truth since the red truth was a lie to begin with.

    An idea from an older round but could be possible a fake corpse was brought along. If that’s the case even if it was stabbed in the ankle or knee it wouldn’t prevent the real person from taking action. I don’t think we can count out Rudolf, Natsuhi, and Krauss just because of the stake placements. But out of them might lean toward Hideyoshi. A big guy so might be able to fake being stabbed in the gut easier.

    Anyways as said before it’s tough to figure out everything that is going on.

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