To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 04

Mikoto meets an urban legend and has a showdown against Touma.


This is why Mikoto is such a great character. She doesn’t use something lame like a knife, axe, or anything mundane. She uses chainswords and chainwhips. I mean turning iron into a flexible blade that will easily cut whatever it touches is just a great ability. Just as a sword it’s bad enough but can also turn into a whip which means you’re not getting away without at least losing a limb or two.

Anyways it was definitely an entertaining fight to watch. Of course it was pretty one sided since Touma couldn’t actually attack. Probably one of the best moments was once he had an opening and just couldn’t do anything since Mikoto looked so scared. That was probably her most effective move against him. Since really with her unable to use electricity it would be like picking on a helpless girl. It was pretty comical how he followed it up with pretending to be taken out. He probably hoped she would let it be, but she was probably upset he wasn’t going at her seriously. So really there is no winning and just running for his life was all Touma could do there.

I think the most telling thing was the peaceful smile she had while sleeping. Probably not often she can just cut loose and completely exhaust herself. Since Touma can take anything she dishes out there is no reason to feel bad for not going easy.

Really this episode was just the best so far in the series and had great moments from start to finish. I like the first meeting between Mikoto and Touma since it is so fitting for them. She was probably bothered that no one would step forward to deal with those guys. Just because she can handle herself doesn’t mean people shouldn’t do anything. Touma was the idiot who stepped in to try and help. I can’t believe she ruined his brilliant strategy, haha. Overall it worked well since she took out the goons and he didn’t get beaten up by them. Now that was a fated meeting.

We got to meet the weird scientist who clearly doesn’t get any sleep. Clearly she has some interest in Mikoto and it’s hard to say what kind of person she is. Except the fact she clearly has no inhibitions and will just take off her clothes if she wants to. She did a great job getting Mikoto embarrassed and calling her a tsun, tsun, tsunjire. Guess someone who works off logic can analyze her pretty well.

Kuroko was done well in this episode with her limited insanity. In moderation she’s a pretty funny character though nearly gave herself a concussion. Guess she doesn’t like the idea that Mikoto would take off her clothes for anyone else but Kuroko.

Top notch episode overall. I also feel we should mourn the loss of Touma’s eggs. Truly tragic to wait in line for the special and then have them ruined.

4 thoughts on “To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 04”

  1. The fight was indeed entertaining XD Mikoto and Touma are a great couple.
    I dropped index after ~5 episodes, but railgun is completely different, I’m enjoying it. Maybe I’m just a lolicon =P

  2. I especially enjoyed the chemistry between touma and mikoto. Bravo to touma for successfully making mikoto into deredere mode XD. I grinned at the mention of “tsundere”. The fight is enjoyable but touma’s funny fake defeat and mikoto’s frightened face is just the moment of gold ^^. and i agree that even though as powerful as mikoto is, she is still wishing for someone to help her in that situation. thats where all the crushes happen (in anime only)

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