Asura Cryin’ 2 – Another Sacrifice

I really think this continuation is surpassing the first season in terms of the emotions and just how exciting the each episode is. With Kyomu Satomi out to get Kagakagari it meant a lot of trouble was going to result. I just didn’t expect events to get this serious this quickly.


I can understand why Tomoharu has been trying so hard to avoid using Kurogane. Really if Kanade wanted Tomo to stop using it so much all she had to do was tell him what would happen to Misao. After that it’s been pretty impossible for him to use it. Just knowing that fighting would drain away her soul pretty much stopped him from doing anything. The downside is without Kurogane he can’t do anything. Kanade has tried to pick up the slack but she just doesn’t have the strength to keep it up. Even worse the contract that seemed possible for the future has proved to have its own downsides. Like the Asura Machina draining away the burial doll’s existence the compensation for the contract is feelings of love. So if Tomo actually made the contract eventually his feelings would fade toward Kanade and he’d probably end up using her like Kagakagari did with Christina. In the end Tomo used Kurogane but the main problem still remains. Fighting has too high a price and yet there doesn’t seem to be any immediate solution to his problems.

Kagakagari really did develop into an anti-hero by the end here. He wasn’t such a bad guy, but simply put saving those he cared about above everyone else. It was that desire to free Kotori from being a burial doll that fueled his actions. It wasn’t that he didn’t care about Christina either but the more he used the contract the less feelings of love for her affected his decisions. In the ideal he would have freed Kotori and they all would have left the stage to live in peace. But things didn’t work out like that and now Kagakagari is alone. I’m not sure what he is going to do at this point. He put everything on the line including becoming Asura Cryin and yet it didn’t work. That gamble failed and he lost both of the people he cared about. It’s sad to imagine what he will do at this point. I wouldn’t be surprised if he just ended his life since he’s lost it all and given up on the future. Losing the two most important people to him at once like would be difficult to deal with. Maybe we will see him later but it doesn’t seem that likely.

It really amazes me how worthless Kyomu Satomi is. Of course he’s not important enough to be final villain level, just a really evil guy. He doesn’t care at all about anyone except himself. Those he works with don’t matter, the lives of innocents don’t matter, and even his burial doll doesn’t matter. As long as he is living that’s all that matters for him. To be honest I thought that ice woman should have just stabbed him through the chest instead of Bismuth. He used Nina as a hostage which actually stopped Kagakagari and was the reason Christina and Kotori were lost. Not to mention he had no issues with killing Tomo and the others to hide the evidence and take that trunk as a trophy. Hopefully we don’t see him again. It’s probably wrong but I was pretty satisfied when he was in agony after Bismuth was impaled. He’s the type you can feel no sympathy for.

Anyways I wonder where Tomoharu goes from here? He still needs to find a way to free Misao from Kurogane before it’s too late. Not to mention we have the mysterious influence of his brother who showed up only to vanish again. Time is running out and a solution has to be found quickly.

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