To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 03

Saten and Uihara visit the Gardens of Education and get involved in an incident.


Well I think this episode has some important points that they can run with moving forward. The key part is a girl who was clearly using her abilities at a level above what she was supposed to be capable of. Considering there was a recent system scan, I find it hard to believe she just managed to improve her ability that much. At the very least it’s something unusual and something to keep an eye on as the series moves forward.

The disappointing part was how weak a villain Miho turned out to be. I mean going around and messing up people’s eyebrows was silly enough. But doing it just because a girl from Tokiwadai ended up going out with her boyfriend who dumped her was a bit much. Not that I’m saying she should have done this but it would have made more sense to focus on her ex-boyfriend and the girl in particular. Instead she went around attacking people just because they went to the school. It was pretty silly but could actually have been more serious. Knocking people out with stun guns could have caused them to hit their heads and get injured. They actually lucked out with just the silly eyebrows.

I’m just hoping the situations they get into further in the show will be more serious. At least this one was more serious than the Kuroko obsessed one from last week. Hopefully Touma comes back into the picture since he does have the ability to get Mikoto riled up. Considering the person was attacking with a stun gun it wasn’t exactly a tense situation for Mikoto. All she had to do was stand there and be unimpressed.

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