Fairy Tail – First Impressions

Not a bad start to the series really. They managed to get two of the lead characters introduced and started to delve into the world for this series a little bit. Really was just an episode to show what those two could do and the place of magic. Definitely some contrasting abilities with Natsu’s dragon slayer magic and Lucy’s type of summoning.


I suppose one thing that might be a concern is the intensity of the facial expressions. For some of the serious scenes they didn’t seem to go as far as they could have. The character designs especially for Natsu do have a resemblance for One Piece so maybe they didn’t want to show extremely serious faces which would increase the comparison. But they are different series so I hope the animators do put in a serious effort in terms of helping the characters express themselves. The voice actors do a great job here but they can only do so much. It’s the combination of the art and the voices that really bring the characters to life. I’m also wondering how Natsu’s fighting style will work when it comes to some of the major battles? They seemed to go with a style of focusing on the character then pulling back for the explosions. Hopefully they can tone down the effects to just get to the action between the characters fighting.

Besides a few complaints it was a pretty good opening episode. They did what you need to do in terms of showing what kinds of people we are dealing with and the basis for the world. I’m pretty interested in a world that has magic integrated in this way. It can be used as a career like any skill and the guild system shows that. It’s just that we will see some magical situations surrounding the characters. Of course we should also see some crazy levels of destruction since Natsu can make a mess as showed in this episode. Of course part of the damage came from Aquarius who has quite the attitude. Actually aiming to wash her summoner to the shore and then rubbing in the fact she has a boyfriend while Lucy clearly doesn’t.

Here’s hoping this will just be a fun series to follow. There promises to be action and some comical moments along the way. At the very least we can enjoy watching the members of Fairy Tail destroy the area they happen to be fighting in and get chased out of town by soldiers.

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  1. haha I just checked Fairy Tail yesterday on Youtube, and I gotta say, the animation reminds me somewhat of One Piece, but the Anime itself is frickin’ awesome. Kudos to the creator, brilliant looking series! Waiting for episode 2!

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