Shin Koihime + Musou – First Impressions

I thought this episode was a pretty good start to the season. I don’t really have many hopes or delusions of this season being that much different from the first one, but I think as long as you don’t expect it to be something grand its fun enough to watch. What this episode kind of showed, and what the whole series seems to be best at, are the characters. There are some interesting fights but mostly the plot is really basic. The best parts of the show come from just the character interactions and as long as they have plenty of that I don’t’ really care what else the show does as long as it doesn’t impact that part of it. The show seems far more humor then action anyways.

This episode was a good reminder of how damn confusing the name thing was in the first season. The way they used it and the amount it seemed to change confused the hell out of me. Hopefully this episode will help alleviate some of that for this season. I’ll try, from now on, to just use everyone’s given names.

One thought on “Shin Koihime + Musou – First Impressions”

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