Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu ~Purezza~ – 02

Haruka and Yuuto make a doujinshi together to sell at an upcoming event.


I found this episode an absolute joy to watch. There is just something about the characters and situations that just tugs at you. The whole show is full of these incredibly sweet blushing moments and it’s just very fun to watch. Sure other shows have moments that are kind of sweet and charming, blushing moments, but this show seems to really focus on it. Not only do they just have them in there, the characters are so likable and expressed throughout the show that you feel for them and blush alongside them sometimes. It’s just filled with those moments. This episode of course had a huge one with Yuuto stood up there and shouted to get attention for Haruka’s book. The whole thing was just a big sweet and charming moment and I loved it.

I did find it very funny that all the characters in the lacrosse anime are characters from the show pretty much. I didn’t actually notice this last episode, I only saw of course the connection between Haruna and Haruka, but seeing here that Shina, Mika, and the two maids are all pretty much characters in the lacrosse anime was very funny. The anime itself seems like it will be featured throughout the whole series. It would be too much of a waste for them to draw these big connections between the characters and not do something about it. I can even see them going to some event and cosplaying as their respective characters and of course looking exactly like them, impressing all the fans and so on. Plus there is also some room for slight metaphors, if the characters in the lacrosse anime have the same personality and attitude as either…real anime counterparts, it could make for some interesting comparisons.

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