Inuyasha – Final Act – 02

Koga searches for his ancestor’s legendary weapon and Inuyasha confronts Kikyo.


I’m impressed with how fast things are moving in this series so far. In this episode again we have some pretty big events happening. I thought for sure that Kagura would be in the series a little bit longer. She seemed like such an important and vital character. No one else was effectively one of Naraku’s henchmen who then turned “good”. She could offer some information or power that no one else had; she could perhaps se this connection with him to help to defeat him. It seemed like she had a lot to offer, plus her character itself as interesting too. She didn’t care at all about her life so long as she had freedom. In that manner it was a nice way that she died, but I still figured a character like her would be along a bit more.

The big guy that fought with Sesshomaru, Gory or Mory something (I don’t know, it’s confusing) seems to be a big pain in the ass right now. He just goes around to these different mega powerful demons, absorbs them, and becomes super strong. Although he didn’t exactly defeat Seshomaru, he managed to break his sword which I remember was kind of a pain to get. That coupled with the fact he can just disappear into plain air when he is about to be defeated kind of lends itself to being unfair. He’s definitely a bad guy that seems, right now, the most threatening. Of course Naraku’s there too, but he’s the one we see actually doing stuff, at least right now that is.

Finally, the bit with Kikyo looks like it will be leading somewhere too. There are quite a lot of different things going on that have yet to combine so there looks to be some promise there. Her absorbing the other person’s soul was kind of odd. I’m not really sure if she’s fully Kikyo or if she’ll come to be effectively posses by the other priestess/goddess she absorbed. Not to mention she seems to be making these barriers whenever the hell she wants, drawing in Kohaku to kill him effectively. It looks like it could definitely lead to complications.

2 thoughts on “Inuyasha – Final Act – 02”

  1. Well to be fair Kikyo always seemed capable of throwing up selective barriers whenever she wanted. Of course it’s not like Inuyasha had a barrier breaking sword……moving on. At any rate it seems even she is going for a last powerup in order to make the final effort against Naraku.

    Same goes for Koga who quickly grabbed his own new weapon. Really does send the signal that we are heading to the end of the series.

    I feel for Kagura. She was a true victim since she always had this threat of death hanging over her head. She was always being used as a pawn by one person or another. She just wanted to be free and only got that at the end. It’s just like Naraku to be cruel and only give freedom when Kagura no longer had any value to him and make sure she couldn’t live long. Really if you are connected to Naraku death seems to be your fate. Too bad she didn’t survive.

    Good on Sesshomaru for doing all the damage he did even if it cost him Tokijin. It was a pretty handy sword that did well for all that time. But in the end it didn’t survive and now he needs a new offensive weapon.

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