Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 27

Hohenheim has a discussion regarding humans and humculi and past events are reflected upon.


Well really this can be called a recap episode done fairly well. Normally I’m not at all interested in them since really you already know the story by this point and if you jumped in mid-series this really isn’t going to tell you everything you should know. Still I think it was done well by the involvement of Hohenheim and his dream. I was honestly a little confused at the start since they showed a younger Pinako who is Winry’s grandmother. But it made a little more sense as things went on in showing the internal struggle going on within Hohenheim. The man really seems to be at a crossroad regarding whether he will try to affect things or will just leave them alone.

It links up with the questions regarding him and the father of the Homunculi. He obviously knows about their existence and the similarity in their appearance makes you wonder. It’s pretty odd simply because those guys have been around for a very long time and that would mean Hohenheim is actually pretty old in his own right. I’m also wondering whether the other Hohenheim in the dream that was more active and put down humans more was just an aspect of his mind or whether it was connected to that father? Either way I have a lot of questions regarding the past of that man. It was pretty nice near the end when the mother of Ed and Al stepped forward to give him some hope.

There was a new OP and ED for this episode and music wise I wasn’t a huge fan of them. Really they just didn’t resonate much with me and I prefer the ones they had last. It was probably a bad move to play the last ED song in the last part since it made that clear to me. Still I think it fit for the scene so I’m still happy with it. The ED itself actually had some nice visuals focusing quite a bit on Winry with some Ran Fan and May Chang. Too bad we couldn’t keep the old music and go with the new visuals.

Anyways I will be glad to move past this recap. While interesting the situation Ed and Al are dropping into is more interesting for me.

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