Sasameki Koto – First Impressions

I was a bit surprised watching this first episode. I thought the series was going to be a lot more comedy based. I of course knew it would be yuri, but it just seemed like it wasn’t quite what I had imagined. They threw in some pretty serious things right off the bat, Kazama crying because the girl she likes; likes a boy who likes her. It all got very complicated right off the bat and honestly was a bit confusing and hard to watch. It just seemed that something was off with the pace. Not that I hate the show, I think it has promise and I’m of course reserving judgment until I see more episodes, but there was something about the way this episode flowed that didn’t seem right. Things were moving fast and then slow, and they didn’t really go into detail on some things, it just seemed odd. Right now, I hope, it was just a matter they had for the introduction episode. It was kind of a way to show the feelings the characters had, their history and their… preferences, without stating them right out in the open and without having to build up to them. On that hand I’m glad they got some of it out of the way, but it made for a rather odd first episode I thought.

Still, that sounded kind of negative, and although I felt the first episode was odd, I didn’t hate it. I thought some of the characters were pretty good and I think the dilemma that they have going on already is pretty interesting. Of course almost every anime will have some story of someone liking someone else, but not telling them because they are too shy or know they like someone else or just don’t want to take the chance, but it’s slightly different when you mix in the yuri aspect as they have here. Having both of them actually like other girls, but one of them only viewing the other as a friend just makes for some complicated situations I look forward to seeing.

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  1. The text of this posting appears to refer to Seitokai no Ichizon, not Sasameki Koto. Were you a little too quick when cutting and pasting? ^_^;

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