11eyes – First Impressions

I wasn’t sure what to think going into this series. I really didn’t know a lot about it but I decided that I needed something on my roster of shows to watch that was a little bit different. I didn’t have anything with an action or fantasy plot like this one seemed it would have, so I decided to pick it up for the hell of it. So far, I’m really interesting. I was apprehensive about it. Shows like this, at least for me, are usually a hit or miss but so far there is no indication of this being a miss. Right now there seems to be quite a lot mixed in. They have the mystery of the guy’s eye, the general question of what the hell is going on with this weird alternate Fuzetsu thing, the strange characters like the transfer student, whatever happened to his sister, his sister then appearing again, there is just a lot that they have teased at so early on, I have hopes for this show.

I’m also of course very curious on how this show will mix regular school life and romance in with the plot of whatever is going on. Obviously this show is more than just school romance and everyday life. That was semi apparent when the opening scene was of a bloodbath caused by mystical chains from nowhere. However there is still that element of school there. I think it’s more than just showing that’s where the characters start, it looks to me that they will continue to use the school and everyday life mixed in with the action. First off I think that the school would be a good way for them to introduce any of these new characters. There is already the weird transfer student plus the guy with long hair who was at the nurse’s office seems too odd of a character to not have a bigger role. Either way, right now what I’m most concerned about is how much of the relationship development and romance they will show mixed in with everything. Fighting and action and fantasy plot is fine, but I think it’s much more effective if you show the characters in everyday situations too so you build but interesting in the characters. I don’t care if they die if I don’t come to know the character.

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  1. Not too impressed so far. Each action sequence seems to be accompanied by endless drivel from the characters – so much so that the voices became annoying eventually. Perhaps it’s just that the VAs weren’t trying very hard. I’m also getting more than a twinge of deja-vu with this series already.

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