To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 02

Mikoto has some friends over and ends up cleaning a pool with Kuroko.


Well this was definitely an episode all for showing how strongly Kuroko feels about Mikoto. Somehow it’s a bit frightening to think of someone with that kind of stalking potential having the power of teleportation. Good thing she usually uses her ability for doing the right thing. Just sadly in Mikoto’s case it ends up being used for far less noble causes. Hopefully for Mikoto’s sake that Kuroko doesn’t drink anymore of that stuff since it clearly puts her even more over the edge than usual. I’m hoping we don’t have too many more episodes that focus on how obsessed Kuroko can be since there are better things they could focus on. Still overall do like Kuroko’s character just not so much when she goes over the line.

At any rate it was a good episode for showing how things got started between the roommates. No surprise really that Kuroko barged in like that and they have been stuck together since then. Definitely an interesting pair of friends though clearly one would like things to go much further than that. It was also nice to see how Mikoto gets along with others. She is a pretty friendly person when just dealing with the average person. Of course she has a more unique attitude when it comes to Kuroko and especially Touma.

Speaking of Touma, I welcome him back even if it was only for a short bit at the beginning. Not sure what they were trying to pull by hiding his face like that. It’s not like there would be many people who don’t know who he is. But I guess they are holding back his formal introduction and showing his ability until a later point in the series. It was pretty funny with him trying to sneak past her and then running down into a dead end.

A fairly good episode when it comes to hitting home the relationship between Kuroko and Mikoto. I’m looking forward to next week and seeing what might end up happening. Hopefully more than just Kuroko receiving ‘computer parts’.

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