Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu ~Purezza~ – 01

Shina invites everyone to a hot spring.


I thought this was a very interesting episode for the first one of the new season. I have to admit I didn’t figure the FIRST episode of the new season would be fanservice galore. I don’t remember ever seeing that much fanservice in the first season at all, but I could just be not remembering correctly, as it’s been a while. Still, it was very….entertaining….to watch. I did think they did a good job of getting right back into things. They didn’t really spend a lot of time to introduce things which is good, as it would have been wasted time. They also seemed to right away throw Shina into the thick of things, really showing her feelings, which is hopeful.

Of course, as always, the part of the sow I’m most interested in seeing is how the relationship develops. Sadly, although I would really like to see it get some serious development, I doubt it will happen. I realize this series is still mainly a comedy, but I’m not expecting for constantly having nothing but serious moments. However it would still be nice to see the relationship develop more than having them say they like to see each other smile or are really good friends. However I’m sure this season will end like the last; there will be some big moment between the two of them that ends up leading nowhere. Sadly, it’s how all shows like this are, I just hope for the little moments scattered throughout the show, even if they are somewhat comedy based themselves, I hope they are good enough, because I’m sure that’s all there will be.

I did also really like Alice. The sad thing is even though she only made brief noises, like when she nodded or when she exerted herself to beat up the drunken guy, I could tell who her seiyuu was so I think I’m going to enjoy her character. Although on one hand I’m apprehensive about a new character in the new season, they may spend some time really focusing on comedy from her or it may be distracting, but if it’s not, if they don’t take away from the other parts of the show, she’ll be a good addition to the cast. Plus, she’s incredibly cute.

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