Seitokai no Ichizon – First Impressions

Oh, wow. I just thought this episode was hilarious. Especially the bit at the beginning, before the OP. I just continued to laugh for a long time after seeing that. The way they threw in so many parodies so quickly, it just seemed to fit perfectly and was just hilarious. I also found the characters to be a good match. Sure, they aren’t anything new. Every anime has the shy girl, or the outgoing girl, the serious tsundere, so on and so forth, but very tsundere isn’t the same, every shy girl isn’t the same, and I think the way the character were portrayed here shows that they will be a lot of fun to watch Plus it was very funny seeing the way the male lead acted. I figured that some guy suddenly thrown in with a bunch of girls on the student council would be some really nice guy harem lead you usually see, but he was making jokes, he was hitting on them openly, it was very refreshing to see and very funny. I really do have some hopes for this show. I think it will have some great comedy and be fun to watch.

I really didn’t think that this show would be anything good. I wasn’t even originally planning on blogging it, however it was just too funny and not really what I expected. I felt I had to give it some attention. I figure, from the synopsis of the show, that it would simply be about people discussing student issues. I thought it would be far more serious and much more like a slice of life anime, actually dealing with problems that may arise in student’s lives or trying correctly capture what a student council would be like. I’m very glad that isn’t the case. I didn’t want the show to be like that at

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  1. I really did like this first episode also. Really wasn’t certain about the setup when I first heard about it but it turned out to be really funny. Besides I’m loving the lead guy right now. Actually worked incredibly hard to raise his grades to get on the council. Doing it for the reason of wanting a harem :). That serious side of it was kind of interesting.

    Anyways should be fun to see how the rest of the series turns out. A pretty entertaining cast at any rate.

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