Kampfer – First Impressions

I wasn’t too sure about this anime. However what got me to watch it, and what will make me continue to watch it, is that it seems, and is, just fun to watch. I didn’t really go into this thinking that it would be some epic tale with deep character traits and back-stories, it just seemed like a funny and silly premise that would be fun to watch, and I think it is. It’s got that quality of being fun to watch without also being just mind numbingly stupid. It’s not a waste of time, it’s not absolutely horrible, and it’s simply in a genre that is meant to simply be there to have fun watching.

Of course, one of the big things that makes this show interesting and I’m looking forward to seeing how they deal with, is the fact that Natsuru changes into a girl. It would be far different if he got powers and fought as a guy, or if he was just a girl all along, but the whole gender change thing adds a lot more complexity to everything. Of course, not serious complexity. This is mainly a comedy show with the bits of action thrown in there, but it still makes things far more entertaining to watch. Not only are they dealing with these attacks from strange people with powers, but he’s dealing with life as a girl, not knowing when he’ll change, and so on. I think it will be very entertaining to watch.

I think it will be interesting to see the relationship between Sakura and Natsuru. It’s obvious from at least the OP that she too is a Kampfer, who seems to only like Natsuru when he’s in girl mode. On the other hand, Akane seems to like him, as he’s the first boy she’s gotten close with, but she seems to like him when he is a guy, although is obviously too shy to every say anything, and the male lead is of course too stupid to ever notice.

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