Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 26

Ed figures out how to escape as Al slowly approaches the location of the Gluttony’s ‘father’.


I’m not surprised that the homunculi are also connected to the events at Xerses. It seems just about everything that has happened in the world is connected to these guys in one way or the other. At least it makes sense how an entire nation vanished into the night. If everyone was gone and part of the ruins was sucked into Gluttony then there really wouldn’t be anything for people to discover. I feel for Ed having to use those souls in order to escape but it’s probably better than being stuck to Envy any longer. Such a tragic existence they were enduring so it’s good that they are free now.

The ending for this episode was one of the best moments in the series. It was really dramatic to have Ed punch open that gate long enough to send a message to Al’s body that he will come back for it. If anything this adventure did confirm for him that Al’s body is still there and so it is possible to recover it. His limbs seem stuck on that being so not sure if those are recoverable but it’s not like he absolutely needs to get them back. It does seem like Al’s body is stuck there and is just waiting peacefully for it’s soul. Not sure how long it can hold out though since it was looking pretty thin.

It was interesting and somewhat disturbing to find out about Wrath’s origins. I can’t believe how dark this country is turning out as. Even going so far as to raise as number of children like that and then sacrifice them until one survived. They manipulated these kids to make them smart and powerful. I don’t want to think about the painful deaths they endured fighting against the philosopher stone. It makes you feel for Mustang since this is what he is up against. He isn’t only up against a powerful homunculus ruling the country but a nation that in the shadows has been doing such horrible things and working with them. It’s not going to be easy since he almost has to purge the entire upper ranks of the country in order to start fresh.

Anyways the fight against Envy was pretty messed up. Tough to fight against something that huge and especially when you look at the forms sticking out of him. Of course Scar and May Chang didn’t have a fun time either against those chimeras. That girl is pretty good in a fight and shows people of Xing shouldn’t be underestimated.

The next episode should be really interesting. Al is just about at the ‘father’ while Ed is quickly making his escape. Plus add in characters like Scar being nearby and this situation could get pretty crazy.

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