To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 01

Mikoto goes through a system scan and has to deal with a robbery.


Welcome to the new season. But really this was one series I was definitely looking forward to. Mikoto was easily my favourite character in Index so watching a series that is focused on her will be great. They did a good job of just getting the characters introduced along with their abilities. It becomes really clear here how powerful a character Kuroko actually is. Teleporting is more than just a handy way to get around. She could do some major damage if she ever felt like teleporting objects right into people. Luckily she is part of judgment and not a criminal herself. It makes some sense when you have a city full of people with unusual abilities to have people with abilities as part of law enforcement. Plus you have anti-skill acting as a SWAT team as well.

Of course Mikoto is the star here and the first episode did a good job of displaying her character. She’ll take down thugs with no mercy and step in when someone does somethings he can’t forgive. She was willing to let Kuroko handle things until that guy hit Saten. At that point it was all over for him. Her ability definitely has highly destructive capabilities. Of course that really is only part of who she is. We got to see how she relaxes and her strange appreciation for those tiny frogs. Everyone has their quirks and that apparently is hers. I give Mikoto a lot of credit for dealing with the craziness that is Kuroko who if she wasn’t Mikoto’s friend would probably be her stalker.

I think this was just a nice episode for setting things up. We understand judgment and the dangers posed by people who decide to use their abilities to make some money. Still feel a little for Saten who puts up a good front but has to be bothered by being a level 0 in a city that is all about people with various abilities. Oh well if flipping up her friend’s skirt is how she has fun I guess she will be fine.

So I’m looking forward to how the series unfolds and the appearance of Touma. Sure he’s not going to be the main character here but he’s still got a role to play. Anyways the first episode has made me feel pretty optimistic about the series.

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