Inuyasha – Final Act – 01

Inuyasha and the others fight against those who have Naraku’s heart.


Wow, I was really impressed with this episode. It’s been a LOOONG time since I last saw Inuyasha, but there was something about seeing it again that invoked a feeling of nostalgia. I was really surprised that they just jumped into things like they did. I figured, after a ten year break or whatever it is, there would be several episodes that were kind of recapping things, or at least showing the characters obviously talking in a manner that fills you in on what has happened, but that really didn’t seem the case. They really just jumped right into the middle of things and I actually really like that. Although I, myself, will have to go back and watch a couple episodes to catch up on what exactly has happened, the fact that they are moving so fast into some of the important stuff gives me hope for the series to be more then random filler crap that made up 80 percent of the previous season. I’m blowing things a bit out of proportion, but still, this actually gives me a lot of hope that this new, final wrap up season, will be action and plot packed.

What looks to me to be the most interesting point is that there seems to be a lot of things going on between all the enemies. Admittedly it’s been a while since I’ve last seen the show, so I’m a little rusty on who exactly some of these bad guys are except the big giant one they dealt with for most of the series. There just seems to be a lot of backstabbing or plotting, it’s unsure of what sides everyone is on and what exactly their agenda is. It seems like there is a lot happening with other bad guys overthrowing Naruka, then again he’s too smart of a bad guy, who seems too important, to be easily overthrown, so it will be interesting to see not just how the good guys defeat the bad guys, but how the bad guys fight each other.

2 thoughts on “Inuyasha – Final Act – 01”

  1. YEAH!!! i agree with you!!! It’s been pretty long time since i’ve watched new episode of inu-yasha and then POOOFF!!! Animax aired it at the same week as it did in japan… i’m so happy to know about this Final Act of Inu-Yasha… the character transformation (or the development) also made it to my interest… This new episodes would really bring back the Inu-Yasha <3 love…

    *inu-yasha fangirl mode*

  2. they need to cram 21 volume of manga into 26 episode, it cant be help… although i do hope they could make more episode and slowly take the pace

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