Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 25

Ed and Ling try to escape from Gluttony’s stomach while Mustang has a discussion with Bradley.


Well this was definitely a good episode to show how in trouble the main characters are. Mustang is in a very bad position since his hand is already out in the open and his support is being cut away. Splitting up his forces is bad enough but putting Hawkeye right under Bradley means she is insurance against Mustang taking any more rash actions. There just doesn’t seem to be a chance for Mustang to make any big moves since he won’t put Hawkeye at risk. Besides with the upper parts of the military perfectly alright with what is going on there isn’t much he can do unless he plans to start a civil war.

It was an interesting episode to understand Wrath as well. The guy is very sharp and has really taken charge of things. He understands the weak points of others and will exploit them if it’s necessary for him to win. Another big thing was talking about the funeral. At the time you might have seen it as grief but instead he was really pissed off at Hughes’ daughter for crying. Reminds you that this guy really isn’t human and can’t be approached without remembering that.

Ed and Lin are hardly in a great position themselves. They are stuck in that place with seemingly no hope of getting out of there alive. Not to mention now they have Envy attacking them which isn’t going to be easy to deal with. I wouldn’t have guessed that he actually had a huge mass. No wonder he could take hits like Ed’s punch without moving. That true form is a pretty ugly thing that’s for sure. Also ugly was the revelation that it was Envy that started the Ishbal conflict. Not surprising with Envy but just sad to think of how easily he shot that kid. Plus the enjoyment of the soldier he impersonated being executed for a crime he didn’t commit. The homunculi really have their hands in everything it seems.

It does seem like everything is revolving around the gate and the truth. Gluttony was actually a failed attempt to recreate it. If that failed then it probably means their “father” plans on using the human sacrifices to open the gate for him. Not sure what the end result is supposed to be but this person was willing to cause so much pain and suffering for that goal. Al is getting into a dangerous situation though walking in there. Plus with one hand missing he can’t quickly use alchemy either. Hopefully he finds a way to get Ed out.

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