Valkyria Chronicles – Final Impressions

Well good thing for Welkin that Maximillian can’t aim. This final battle would have ended in a messy manner if he could. The final battle just felt weak and a bit cheesy for me. Sure they show a few members of Squad 7 getting injured (one getting himself hurt) but none of them dies or suffers long term from it. Still will give the characters credit for enduring the battle and Alicia who had put up with quite a few difficult battles before the final one. Another thing bothering me was the whole power of love saving Welkin, Alicia, and the squad from Alicia blowing up. If they were going to have something cheesy save someone why couldn’t it have been Isara? I’ll say that part of my problem probably comes from liking Isara’s character and having her gone while the rest survive not sitting well with me.


The story itself for the anime is where my biggest issues come with. Are we supposed to believe that the ruler showing herself to be a member of the most discriminated group in the nation is going to be peacefully accepted? They aren’t going to mind that they have been lied to about her origins and their racism is going to simply vanish? Bit more believable would be if there was a sequel about a civil war that broke out over this issue. Plus wouldn’t be surprised if the Darcsen’s were upset as well. They’ve faced serious difficulties while the leader who was one of them was sitting at the top doign nothing. Sure in reality you can say she was restricted by officials that are now gone but will people peacefully accept that?

Really most of the final battle was just squad 7 trying to survive while Welkin and Alicia faced off against Maximillian who chose a great time for a duel. Too bad for Faldio though I’m sure many would say he had it coming after shooting Alicia. Though in the end his actions saved the whole country from annihilation. Unfortunately it seems if your not part of Squad 7 then you are screwed. Of course not like this is the only show that’s ever done this. Just that if they are going to kill someone to send the message “anyone can go” then make sure to follow up. Besides Isara didn’t die because war is dangerous, Isara died because Welkin was stupid to leave the driver of his tank with someone injured instead of one of the troops that could guard her.

The epilogue was pretty well done. I mean there was little speaking besides what Alicia and Welkin said to each other. You could see who was sticking with the military and who was returning to their lives. It was actually nice to see Susie back home in a dress. If only because she really wasn’t suited to be a soldier at all. Even though I disagreed with everyone getting off without a scratch give credit to the epilogue for showing their return to normalcy.

Final Words:

Valkyria Chronicles was an interesting journey. Having played the game I was curious to see just what was going to be done the same. Though not wanting to go into spoiler territory I’ll say they did decide to do things differently. The battles went about differently and some of the main characters were developed in a different way. Welkin especially was a lot more likable in the game. I’ll say if anyone is uncertain about the anime they should still give the game a shot since it was a good play.

I’ll say the show did a pretty good job of developing side characters. Members of Squad 1 got decent development as did quite a few people in Squad 7. Sure some of them fit into stereotypes but at least they felt like a squad. Naturally the most character development would go to the main characters like Welkin, Alicia, and Rosie.

I think the series spent too much time playing around with a possible love triangle with Faldio, Alicia, and Welkin. It was painfully clear very quickly who the main couple was going to be. It’s not like Alicia showed much if any romantic interest in Faldio. So it ended up being AliciaxWelkin while Faldio had a one-sided affection.

Overall it wasn’t a really bad series but won’t sit as one of my favourites either. I think it would have been better as just a war story without the Valkyria firepower being thrown in there. Once you got to the point where girls were firing blasts at armies it completely killed the idea of tactics. Also think it might have been better to go with a more extreme path. Either kill off a ton of characters or don’t really let anyone die. I don’t much like the idea of killing a ton of people not in Squad 7 and leaving that squad mostly fine.

I think this show could have been a lot better which is probably the biggest regret as it ends.

3 thoughts on “Valkyria Chronicles – Final Impressions”

  1. All the military tactics and action are hilariously bad. The plot wasn’t anything to write home about either. Alicia was kind of in the first half of the series, but not so much in the second. Overall, the show wasn’t terrible, but I found it to be pretty mediocre. At least the show was good for an unintentional chuckle or two.

  2. Since I had played the game I was furious for them not changing things like Isara´s death. And having the love between Welkin and Alicia save them all was just buu I want the game version.

    Maximillian does a great job as the last mean “I don´t give a damn about anyone else but me” person and he is meaner than in the game. I do understand why he would want power though. Being in the situation he is and such it would require lots of power to be able to survive.

    I feel sorry for Selvaria. She deserved to live a happy life rather than having to go trough this.

    I don´t know if it is the true story between Alicia and Selvaria and their childhoods, but that would have been nice to know more about.

    All in all, a mediocre show where the game is way better than the anime. But at the same time I can´t completely dislike it either, seeing them move the way they do and how they really react is plentifull of fun to see.

    So this show was a mixed product for me. Bad ending and story, but the performance in getting the unique expression with the game´s cellshading into anime form is worth some praise at least.

  3. I thought the series was pretty good. I never played the game or saw any manga(if there was any).

    Personally, i liked wilken, his character made so many transitions, its almost like he evolved as much as she did. Yea the sad “love can end all” and “love knows no limits” lessons they pressed was a bit cheesy, but alteast the characters had heart throughout the entire show.

    Any good show has three elements: a good story line, characters that develop and pull you into their world, and ….. hot chicks.

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