The New PSP Go Unboxing – Nendoroid Theater

Hi everyone! It’s me Xeby-chan. I’m here to show you the new PSP Go. However instead of just showing you boring pictures, I decided to spice things up. With this new PSP Go introduction, I’ll be introducing a new segment called Nendoroid Theater. It’s simply where I’ll take pictures of my Nendoroid figures in small little skits and sketches. This is really just for the hell of it, and just for fun. If they are rather lame jokes or fairly choppy pictures, bare with me. I had to take a lot of the pictures fast, as I didn’t want to be too late in posting an un-boxing, so the lighting wasn’t the greatest. I really did have a lot of fun doing this, so I hope you all enjoy it.

Right now, I’m simply going to have to write the captions for the pictures beneath the pictures, because at the time I took the pictures I didn’t leave room for nay text bubbles and don’t know how to properly add anything like that. The captions for each picture will be beneath that picture, not above. Anyways, here you go. I’ll answer any questions in the comments.

Tsukasa: Hello everyone, it’s me Tsukasa and I’m here to show you the unboxing of the new PSP Go.

Tsukasa: With me today I have Miyuki helping out.
Miyuki: Hello everyone.

Konata: WOOT! PSP GO!

Tsukasa: Um…I thought I was doing the unboxing…

Kagami: Konata! Leave my sister alone, this is her segment.

Miyuki: That was exciting, although with Konata’s love of video games, why isn’t she doing this?
Tsukasa: My sister said she would scream too much…
Miyuki: Oh my, well let’s get started. We may need some help opening the box.
Tsukasa: Oh, I got someone to help with that.

Shana: Hiiiiiyaaaa~

Tsukasa: Thank you Shana for your help. With the box open, we can now see the new PSP Go.
Miyuki: It’s so shiny!
Tsukasa: It will never be that shiny again…

Tsukasa: Alright, I think we got everything out of the box.

Miyuki: My, there are certainly a lot of manuals and cords.

Tsukasa: Kyaa~ Miyuki, you got us tangled up in the power cord~

Tsukasa: Now that we’ve dealt with that, let’s show a side by side of the Go with the original 1000.

Miyuki: It’s so small!

Tsukasa: Well, we can’t do anything with it now, I’m going to plug it in to charge up and we’ll take a look at the accessories we ought for it. Miyuki, over to you.

Miyuki: Well here we have the AV Component cables and the charging cradle for the PSP Go. Oh my, these are always so hard to open. Um, can I get some help again?

Shana: This is no problem, leave it to me.

Shana: Hiiiiiyaaaa~


Miyuki: Oh my, very impressive. Although I think you went a little bit overboard…

Shana: hmmph, Sometimes I don’t even realize my own strength.

Primula: 7 points

Tsukasa: Gah, who was that?
Miyuki: My, I don’t know. But now that we have the debris taken care of, we can show these two accessories.

Tsukasa: Here we have the cradle

Tsukasa: As you can see it has the proprietary thing in the slot there.

Tsukasa: And in the back there is a spot for charging with either the old PSP charger, or the new one. Plus, you can use the new Go charger slot for the AV cables as well. We’re just going to hook up both, the old cable for charging and the AV cable for putting the picture on a much bigger screen.

Tsukasa: Here are the AV cables.

Tsukasa: And of course, before we begin, we have a memory stick to add even more space to the new Go.

Tsukasa: Let me just put that in there…

Tsukasa: Alright, with everything charged up we’re ready to see it in action.
Miyuki: It’s so fun to slide it up!

Tsukasa: Here’s the Go closed, in clock mode.

Tsukasa: And a shot of it in the cradle, in clock mode.

Tsukasa: Here’s the game load up screen. Konata and Kagami will be taking you through a quick demo of a game in action on the new Go right now.

Konata: Hello everyone, we are here to show you a game being played on the new PSP Go.
Kagami: I still don’t see why you need me…
Konata: Don’t worry about it, don’t worry about it. We are here to show Fate/Unlimited Codes.

Kagami: As you see here, we have the PSP Go hooked up to the cradle Tsukasa showed off, and we just paired it with a PS3 controller, so we get to play it on a big screen with a real controller.

Konata: We have it booted up on the screen behind me. Eagle eyed viewers may see the other two games we currently have installed.
Kagami: What’s a Patapon?
Konata: Don’t worry about it, don’t worry about it.

Konata: Ok, I’ll just go ahead and pick Saber.
Kagami: Um, I’ll pick the one with twin tails…
Konata: Going with another Tsundere huh? I see, I see……
Kagami: I don’t know what you’re talking about!


Konata: Prepare yourself!

Kagami: Um, I don’t know what I’m doing but I’ll try…

Konata: Let’s go!




Kagami: Ha, looks like you’re losing.

Konata: I’m not done yet! SUPER EXCALIBUR!


Konata: Haha, I can’t lose!

Kagami: What the hell is that thing?!

Konata: DORYAAA~!

Kagami: That…that was totally cheating!
Konata: Don’t worry about it, don’t worry about it…

Primula: 9 Points

Kagami: Gah, who was that?
Konata: Don’t…
Kagami: Don’t say don’t worry about it!
Konata: Never mind, never mind…lets wrap this up.

Miyuki: Well, that’s it for the PSP Go unboxing.
Tsukasa: I hope you enjoyed it and found it interesting.
Konata: GO PSP GO!
Kagami: /sigh
Tsukasa: We’d like to thank Shana for making a guest appearance; we appreciate her help in opening the boxes.
Konata: It was quite fun, thanks to Primula too for her commentary…
Everyone: See you later!

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