Tears to Tiara – 26 [Final]

Everyone faces off against Merkadis now that it has grown in power.


This episode was pretty good. They spent a lot more time dealing with Merkadis in the anime then they did in the game, which I actually rather like. Before, it’s a user controlled fight of course, as it is a game, but it’s nothing this complex. He never even grew to this giant size in the game. I don’t’ really think it hurts the story much and the fight was much more desperate and serious this time around, so I think it was a pretty good one. They handled it well, they seemed to be in a serious situation with Arawn almost getting killed by the electrum, and even added in a bit about Riannon figuring out her power, which wasn’t in the game either. Overall it was pretty good I thought.

I thought the little epilogue they had about Arthur becoming the king and all was pretty good. Although I do miss the joke they had at the end of the game, which they semi showed here. Octavia is telling the little kids how you shouldn’t use a sword against friends…unless they try and draw stupid face paint on you while you’re sleeping so you’ll finally go hunting with them. Then they of course show Morgan with a giant lump on her head.

Final Words:

Overall, this has been an interesting experience for me. The entire time I didn’t really view this as an anime, but was judging it simply on how well it held up to the game. On one hand, that was fun to do. It was fun to compare the two versions, find differences, know what was going to happen even if it was happening in a different way, it was interesting. However on the other hand I realize that I never really gave this anime a chance. It was never going to live up to the game and fell short in that aspect, so it did seem like the anime in general was quite lacking. It’s unavoidable really. However there is a general consensus that the game versions of adapted anime are far better and I have to agree, so if I had to choose between which one to have a more enjoyable experience out of, by seeing or playing it first, I would choose to go with the game. I think you just have to simply keep an open mind about the anime adaption.

Overall it wasn’t horrible. They actually didn’t change a lot of stuff in the anime. Sure there were a couple of things, they really changed up how they dealt with Londinium, the tower at the end was different, and the order in which Taliesin saved them and they defeated Merkadis was all backwards, but the important stuff was still there I think. The plot about how Arawn was an angel who “rebelled” against the others, not because he was evil but because if you looked at it from a different perspective, the other angels were evil. It was interesting seeing this power difference, how someone who seemed evil was good and vice versa. They still had the interesting story about Arthur’s development. How he went from some stupid savage to someone who thought more about the bigger picture and stopped relying on oaths. The key things like that, the plot and important aspect were still there.

The worst thing about this series, especially compared to the game, but actually even without the comparison, was the character development. They spent virtually no time developing some of the side characters. Ermin, Limwris, Llyr, Rathty, even Morgan and Octavia a little bit. There was almost no development there, while in the game they actually focused on these characters a lot. Hell, they never revealed, in the anime, that Rathty is a girl, not a guy. They started calling her a “him “ when they met her, like they were going to later have the event where Arawn all of a sudden realizes she’s not a he, but they never finished with it. Llyr is even worse. They actually have quite a serious story going on with Llyr. She almost tries to commit suicide because she things she’s so useless, then they have this big thing about how she isn’t, a rather enduring story about her trying her hardest, and so on. It’s understandable that they didn’t develop these characters, as they don’t have a lot of time, us it’s still rather sad that they weren’t able to.

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  1. Thanks for all the recap so far.

    I haven’t read all of them because I just finish watching the anime today and I like it. Maybe because I haven’t got the chance to play the game. I think after what you said, I will now. I link the idea of comparing the game and anime. However, I have to acknowledge your effort to finish the game first. Anyway, I definitely like this anime. It has been a long time since I last saw anything with such amazing artwork and soundtrack. IMO, I like the anime artwork better.

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