Asura Cryin’ 2 – First Impressions

Well I’d say the series got off to a really good start here. The OP was the only negative point for me since it really dragged at the start and just felt slow. There are good songs that are slow but this wasn’t one of them. After quickly reintroducing the characters they finally started giving some hints as to what is going on here.


I really enjoyed that flashback or whatever it was regarding that other world. A black hole going very wrong and ending up destroying their world in the process. Actually destroying sounds better than the reality that was left there. Talk about a tragic way to go for Misao. Her body slowly vanishing like that just isn’t right. On the other hand I really liked Tomoharu there since he was pretty decisive and created a nice romantic moment with Misao. We still don’t know that much about what the plan he was enacting was but at least he stepped up and made the decision to save Misao no matter the difficulty.

Of course the current Tomo is having some issues. That bloody Koala was really trying to get him killed there. Not sure what the president is thinking trying such foolishness. Still at least Tomo resisted calling out Kurogane. True it forced Kanade to push herself when she shouldn’t. But at the same time he can’t just take an action that would slowly destroy Misao either. It’s a difficult position to be in since he can’t fight on his own either.

I guess Misao is currently the one in the dark about what happens to the burial doll in the Asura Machina. Since she can’t figure out why Reishirou was ignoring her. Since Aine is gone he’s no longer able to detect her. For now they should be able to pass that off as him just ignoring her. Still there is a lot more to be answered about what is going on. I hope the second season does a good job of clearing up the questions that remained after the first season.

Anyways I think this was a pretty good start. I’m feeling fairly optimistic that this sequel will go well.

3 thoughts on “Asura Cryin’ 2 – First Impressions”

  1. i’m confused right now. i know that being a burial doll, the person soul can only being seen by the handlers. But, wasn’t Kurogane absorbed the stabilizer plug-in, allowing Misao to even been seen by normal person? So why Reishirou cannot seen her? Anyone reading the novel?

  2. @NightGaunt
    Well I have only my suspicions as to why this is the case. I guess being an ex-handler overrides what the stabilizer did for Misao. Since we are already aware that ex-handlers have a resistance to magic we just have to assume the stabilizer’s ability is affected by that resistance.

  3. yeah, i guess that make sense since Tooru being unable to see Misao too. Ahhhhhh, how i wish i could read jap and go through the novel myself. Anyway, it is just me or the animation seem sloppy compared to season 1? especially the asura machina drawing? did they change production studio or something?

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