Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou – Final Impressions

This series had definitely been very odd. It started off with some very weird time stuff going on, seemingly going back and forth between the present and the past, both of which contained the main character as the same age. Still, once it got past the confusion it turned out to be pretty nice. It wasn’t anything too impressive, but it was charming in its own right. It had some fun characters, Kaho was fun to watch even though she wasn’t a big part, and of course Koyomi was just very sweet as a main character. Someone as clumsy and problematic as her is always fun to watch and I thought it was very cute to see her try so hard. Overall I think the plot actually did get interesting in the end and combined with some characters I started to really like, this was an overall good series.

I did find that their explanation on how magic worked to be interesting. Of course every anime or simply every series, despite its medium, has some different explanation of magic. Some times its unexplained, sometimes it’s broken down into mythological roots. What I found interesting about this magic was the way they adapted it into, as they called it, “Modern Day Magic”. I’ve not really ever seen an explanation of magic as something that can be used with computers. In fact, it’s always seemed to be the exact opposite. The more magic existed in a world, usually it meant the less technology there is. However here they not only had them co-existing, they had people perform and create spells through computers, having spells work be effecting emanating from different computers, and so on. IT was really something I had never seen before and something quite unique. I thought it was very creative and interesting to watch.

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