Saki – Final Impressions

I can’t explain exactly why, but I absolutely loved this show. It surprises me, looking back on it, because it’s a show entirely focused on a game that I don’t have the faintest clue about. It’s picked up my interest in the game, and I’ve learned bits and pieces from watching it, but I think it says something about a show to make me care a lot of about the characters going through a game I have no clue about. Still, I found myself actively cheering for the characters during the matches at the tournament. Even though I didn’t know what they involved, when they would pull off some super rare play or hand it would just invoke this excitement in me. I really did love watching the characters play.

Even if it wasn’t realistic or accurate, I wouldn’t know, but they just did such a good job showing the motivation these characters had they I was able to cheer for them playing a game I didn’t know about. Hell, there were even times when I would feel sorry for the opposing schools. They did a great job giving these rivals personalities and back-stories, making you feel for them and making you want them to win because it would mean a lot to them. I still always wanted Kiyosumi to win, but I didn’t always hate the other team. Except of course Koromo. I love her to death, think she’s the cutest damn character I’ve ever seen, but something about her made me just scream, “KICK HER ASS, SAKI!” during their matches. Overall it was just a blast to watch.

I do hope they continue on with another season eventually. Obviously not soon, as from what I’ve read they’ve caught up to the manga, and I wouldn’t want useless filler episodes. But when the manga gets further I’m definitely interested in finding out how the rest of the plot progresses, because there were certainly some interesting things cropping up that they hinted at.

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  1. I have to agree with what you said about Saki Xebek. I really did enjoy the season and can’t wait for the second, apparently whenever that will be.

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