Pandora Hearts – Final Impressions

Ok the last series of events with this show honestly felt a little odd to me. I mean first we jump into Oz’s power regarding the abyss and then jump back to his father in the last episode. It just felt like they were thinking “oh we go back to the parental situation.” Honestly the last episode felt odd since they hurried the discovery of Oz’s father being the one who attacked him and then went to find him. A pretty rushed way to end a series. Still, Oz’s father being the one that sent him to the abyss wasn’t a surprise. I mean there isn’t anyone else I can think of that Gil would stop Oz from attacking except a member of Oz’s family. Since the uncle didn’t seem like a villain to me it really only left Oz’s father.


There were some interesting things that we got to think about though. I suppose the whole existence being a sin thing makes more sense at this point. Considering Jack’s connection to Oz and to Alice that kind of conclusion could make sense. I guess the question is how their leader Glen factors into all of this. Did they think it would move them towards finding him again if they sent Oz into the abyss? It would I suppose be sending what is left of Jack to her. Anyways I suppose those questions will remain unanswered for the time being.

At least it was nice to see all the characters in actions for a while. Of course having Break in action usually means a lot of blood will spat out. Though was nice to see Eques in action as well. Even if not much got resolved by it at least the action was pretty entertaining. Still talk about a massive blow to Pandora’s forces since they got slaughtered right there.

Final Words:

I suppose due to the manga’s situation we had to stop here. It’s just too bad there is still so much to be dealt with. They haven’t really recovered many of Alice’s memories. Also the issue of Vincent is still a major problem. You have the Baskervilles, will of the abyss, and even Jack who hasn’t appeared much lately. Can they solve everything before Oz runs out of time? I even wonder if they can solve it before Break runs out of time since his body can’t handle using the mad hatter so much anymore. I wonder if we’ll see Raven in action other than being used to suppress Alice’s power.

Anyways this was a series that started off a little slow in the first episode. But over time they really added a lot of forces and raised questions. Oz did develop as a person through this show and at least isn’t going to be so willing to throw his life away anymore. It’s a good thing that he figured out that dying means you won’t be alive to protect anything. Alice was a pretty interesting character who had a more complicated background than I ever expected. I can’t wait for the show to come back just to see how she continues to grow. Gil actually turned into one of my favourite characters. He still has to face his past which is a hurdle for him. Still he grew up into a pretty cool guy but the situation with Oz’s sister is a bit dangerous. Not sure how he feels about her but she can make a pretty cute expression when Gil is involved.

Anyways I did enjoy the series. There were some pretty likable characters and I got pulled into the story. The only downside is that it ends with so much left to be resolved. Plus the last episode just felt like an attempt to rush in the father angle at the last minute. Despite that I’m looking forward to a sequel at some point down the road.

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