Bakemonogatari – Final Impressions

The final episode itself was really good. I am really glad they focused on Hitagi and Koyomi’s relationship. It’s one of the things that surprised me the most about the most recent episodes, in the last three episodes she wasn’t in the show at all. I thought that was really weird considering she had been such a main character up until then and the two of them were supposedly dating, I figured even if they were working on some individual stories involving other characters, I figured they would at least include her in some small way. However they didn’t so seeing the entire episode focused on that here was really nice. There’s something about their relationship that is kind of weird but at the same time it’s also just really sweet and charming. Although Hitagi is certainly an interesting character and a unique one, you really felt for her as a person in this episode and not just someone with weird quirks. I thought it was just very charming and sweet to see her be honest about herself with Koyomi like that.

As for the series overall, I’m very impressed. I didn’t know what to think of this show at first, hell in fact at first I think I planned on not watching it at all. However something made me at least pick it up and see and I’m glad I did. They had these really interesting stories and interesting characters. It wasn’t like other shows however, they weren’t just some random stupid problems they had to deal with, really dissecting this show some of these problems and “oddities” they deal with were some almost philosophical questions and problems about people’s lives and got into why people do things they do, why they think certain ways. At times it was really weird, however it was also very interesting and truly a unique show that I’m very glad to have watched.

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  1. I think someone needs to inform the blogosphere that Bakemonogatari is not over yet. It’s set for 15 episodes.

    They decided to extend it after the TV schedule had already been worked out, thus the last three eps will be webcast.

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