Umi Monogatari – Final Impressions

Overall I have to say I was very surprised at how dark this whole series got near the end. The way it started, and just the way the series progressed made me think that it was going to be a lot more light hearted. I thought it would have this kind of fun atmosphere to it, as a lot of mahou shoujo shows have. However this quickly turned into something more. It almost seemed like it became more than just an average mahou shoujo show. It wasn’t about tackling the monster of the week or something, but it very quickly turned into this rather deep conversation about darkness inside of people. Talking about how people who are the most cheerful will sometimes carry more darkness then others or how they can’t deal with it as well. They touched on subjects such as not throwing away the darkness inside of you but dealing with it. The enemy wasn’t just some generic bad guy; the enemy was effectively the darkness and evil aspect of everyone’s hearts. It was that hidden part of people that was the enemy and I thought if you looked at it that way, if you saw some of the metaphors that were going on, it was really quite interesting.

I was also surprised and kind of impressed with the series for ending on a semi sad note. Not a lot of shows in this genre do that. I really got the impression that although Kanon came to really care for Marin, that they would indeed have to stay separated. I half expected for that goodbye scene to go through and then the next day Kanon wakes up to find them sitting at the table eating breakfast saying something along the lines of they decided not to go by some old rule. However it seems like they stuck with it and it was kind of sad considering how Kanon didn’t really have a lot of friends.

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  1. Have to say I really did like the different direction they took some things. It also left me thinking that traditions and rules shouldn’t just be taken at face value. After all if they had done things by the book they would have sealed away Urin with Sedna and gone around defeating all her minions and not saving them. That old turtle was a representative of that thinking with how he decided that even his daughter must be defeated and they couldn’t have doubts. If they hadn’t pushed then they wouldn’t have figured out Sedna’s origins. Oddly enough it was that tradition of dumping dark feelings into the sea that caused her to be created.

    On that note I wonder about the ending. I mean if the rules and traditions went wrong so much why follow that one? I’d given up on listening to that turtle half-way through the series. Almost makes me think the main characters would meet up again at some point.

    At least Kanon really grew through this and was better able to say how she felt about others. It’s still not really easy but she took major steps forward.

  2. Yeah, Umi Monogatari is more about the relationships and insecurities of the characters than all the magical girl stuff. Heck, the final battle wasn’t even solves by any magical girl powers. Overall it was kind of nice. Not too exciting, but it was a pleasant show to watch.

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