Tears to Tiara – 25

Arawn and the others face off against the angel who set everything in motion.


Well, this episode was certainly very different from the game. In the game, the actual final battle wasn’t that impressive. It was good because of the story, I still maintain that that’s the best part of the game, but the actual act of defeating the angel and Merkadis wasn’t to exiting. They simply fought the angel and defeated him, then Merkadis came, they defeated him too. Merkadis didn’t go all super enormous and crazy. Then, they were trapped in the tower, about to be burned to death, and Taliesin comes to save them. The end. Here, obviously the fight with Merkadis is being made out to be much bigger and more dangerous. I’m glad they still brought Taliesin back. Even though it was before the fight, and not after, it was fine. However in the game you got more of a feeling that he saved them. They were all resigned to die in the game, they were trapped, all figured they were going to die, and it was alright with them. They saved the world and were ready to face death and boom, Taliesin bursts in and saves them. Here, they could have easily come up with some other exudes for how they survived; they could have simply slid down the tower or something away from Merkadis. As I said, I’m still glad Taliesin came back, but his rescue was far more important and theatrical in the game.

I did think they did a really good job of handling the personality of the evil angel. In the game, they didn’t do much with him. They got to the room and oh, look some random angel. Let’s fight it, ok, it’s dead. However here they really expanded on the whole idea that the angels were killing things in order to make the world perfect. I thought they got across how kind of crazy the angel was and how arrogant how much he didn’t understand the other way of thinking. Here we got a much better feel for him being a bad guy. In the game, you didn’t so much care that he died. I mean, it was good he died because it simply allowed for things to continue, but he didn’t come across the same way. I got a lot more satisfaction over his defeat in the anime then the game.

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