Spice and Wolf II – 12 [Final]

Lawrence makes a confession to Horo after dealings with Abe go bad.


Well Lawrence really got beaten up a lot in this one. I think the final total was a slap by Horo, followed by a kick and bludgeoning from Abe, and finishing up with a punch and kick combo by Horo. He may not be a classic knight but the man clearly can take some punishment. Of course the damage from Abe was more or less his own fault. Lawrence had the upper hand in that fight with the arm lock and then chocking her. But of course the soft guy let up and she took that opportunity to kick him and knock him out. If he had just chocked her to the point she lost consciousness then it would have been fine. He is just lucky she decided to not kill him. Not to mention she left the deed to the inn so Lawrence could use it as collateral in order to get Horo back.

That was also a surprise for me. I thought with the city in chaos they would forget about trying the stupid deal. But I underestimated merchants when it comes to making money. The riot itself didn’t appear as bad as I had been expecting. Of course there was fire and windows breaking but overall it’s not like you couldn’t move through the town and survive. But it’s still a dangerous situation and the future of that town now that the people are up in arms is uncertain. I with the barmaid the best in surviving that crazed situation. Although it appears she can handle herself just fine with how she had some of the merchants working to barricade the doors. She definitely knows how to take charge when a situation gets critical. She was one of the more impressive of the characters introduced in this arc.

Well I knew Abe was up to something but I didn’t think it would be this extreme. She is willing to risk the anger of the church to make a massive profit. Now it’s not like Lawrence didn’t do something like that when you remember the gold smuggling. Yet that was doing something that would anger the church if they were caught this is doing something the church is going to know about and hope they don’t kill you. But her motivations are so strong she is willing to do something this crazy to make profit. Using the money she got from the salt smuggling and what Lawrence got for Horo she should make a massive profit if it all works out. Yet this plan puts Horo and Lawrence in danger if their connection is known. So they have to get out of town quickly. So it seems they didn’t get anything financial out of this only danger.

I suppose they got something more important than money this time around. That confession by Lawrence was definitely the high point of the episode. Finally he made it clear to her just how he felt. Of course he realized himself how important Horo was last arc but actually saying it out loud to her was a big step. Though we didn’t get the full confession from Horo so that’s all the more reason to want a third season. Well I guess it was something for her to agree to go along with his foolishness and say it’d be troubling if she fell in love with him. It has to come sooner or later. The kiss was good to have but felt odd since they moved on from it quickly and it was a far off shot. But anyways this trip was worth it just for the step forward in their relationship.

Final Words:

I can’t believe the second season is over already. The opportunity to blog this was one of the initial motivations for blogging in the first place. While a series about a merchant and a wolf traveling together wouldn’t sound so interesting this show made it work. The interactions between Lawrence and Horo in the second half of this season made it clear why. These two just talking was really a joy to watch. They just have good chemistry that makes whatever they happen to be doing entertaining to watch.

Still this season was important for Lawrence realizing what really matters to him. In the first season he got involved in a dangerous situation to try and make a huge profit and get his store. Plus he nearly lost everything including his freedom with buying that armor on credit. This time around he was willing to put all he had gained on the line but not for profit. This time the goal was to try and keep Horo with him. Even in the second half of this season he was uncomfortable with taking a risk because it put Horo on the line. These events made him realize that he would put everything on the line to continue traveling with Horo. Plus the next step of saying that he loved her helped to advance their relationship. Plus Lawrence has grown as a person in having friends like Mark. Instead of just seeing people as fellow merchants he actually has bonds of friendship. It was that bond with Mark that helped him pull through against Amati. His life may be full of chaos at times, but he’s become happier.

I think Horo’s development this season has also been interesting. She went from a person isolated to one that has the fear of her relationship with Lawrence going stale. It’s been hard since she got the confirmation that her homeland was annihilated. Sure it was possible, but that actual news really did hit her hard. It has to be difficult to deal with the knowledge that she will outlive Lawrence when she obviously cares about him that much. Maybe she is right that there is no happily ever after, but if they give up now they definitely won’t be happy. Horo can be a calm influence at times, but she also has her weak moments which comes from knowing what it feels like to be alone for a very long time.

There were some interesting side characters that came into play this season. I think Mark stands out among everyone for his role in helping Lawrence. The man gave some good advice about what is important and helped Lawrence realize that just because a meeting is by chance doesn’t mean it isn’t precious. Abe was an important role for putting forward that deal and showing how a person can end up who is solely driven on making profit no matter what. The barmaid was probably one of the most entertaining side characters in this season and had some pretty good interactions with Lawrence.

Overall I really enjoyed this season. The music fit the setting and always was a nice addition to the scenes. The OP did grow on me and seemed to fit the situations that Lawrence and Horo seemed to get into.

If there is anything I can say about this season is that I want more. Honestly give me a third season! The way this one ended demands a sequel even more than the ending of the last season. Besides I hope they cover the volume that was skipped either in a third season or OVA. I now agree with the decision since this arc was an important step for Lawrence and Horo. This was a great ride and I’m glad that I got a chance to blog this.

3 thoughts on “Spice and Wolf II – 12 [Final]”

  1. I suspect the owner of the inn is Abe’s old house servant. But I am surprised that the deed of the inn can worth that much in gold to get Horo back, maybe they look at the property as long term investment.

    OP and ED this season are much better. Arai Akino’s recent songs for ARIA and S&W2 are really nice. I like Rocky Chack’s Perfect World much better than the ED for 1st season.

    Season 3 coming soon… I hope.

  2. Agh, I really love the way Horo and Lawrence’s relationship has developed. Lawrence has really realized that while he can fulfill his dream as a merchant, it does not mean quite as much to him as his companionship with Horo. I had such a big, stupid grin on my face when he confesses to Horo, and again when he kissed her, which is a wonderfully understated moment.

    One of the more interesting things this arc has done is position Abe as someone Lawrence might have been like if Horo had never come into his life. She has the same cockiness, the same drive for profit and the same sense of loneliness (she feels it hard when she sees Lawrence and Horo so happy together). Frankly, I think Abe might be more lonely than even Lawrence — in that sense, actually, she has something in common with Horo, since she cannot unveil her true identity. But at least Horo has someone, in Lawrence, to whom she can be truly herself. Abe really has nobody, which is why I think she is so forthright with Lawrence, who says it himself: Abe basically lays every hint she can for Lawrence right out in the open. I have no way to substantiate this, but I think her big reveal is mainly a way to alleviate her loneliness, if even a little bit. Someone can finally see who she truly is and what drives her.

  3. Thanks for blogging this series! It was a fantastic second season that finally moved thier relationship a step further.

    Much looking forward to the third season (hopefully!).
    Hope you blog that one too.

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