Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 24

Gluttony goes on a rampage and faces Ed, Al, and Ling.


Well I have to say Mustang is right in that he and Ed are in bad places right now. Heck Mustang might be pushing towards the afterlife at the rate this is going for him. The only thing saving him is being a precious sacrifice. I didn’t expect the issue with the military to be this bad. Though I suppose it is to be expected since they were conducting experiments like that. Is it that hard to believe the upper echelon of the military knows and is fine with their leader being a homunculus? I’m just not sure how Mustang is supposed to deal with a military that is this corrupted and troubled. He is a good guy with strength, but even still fighting to the top is quite difficult with all that is up against him here.

Not that Ed is in a great spot right now either. When you wake up to a place filled with bones and blood you know it isn’t a great place to be. Seems safe to say they got devoured by Gluttony and now the question is how to get out. While Gluttony is an idiot you can be sure that no one has gotten out of there before. Well at least he failed to avenge Lust which would have meant the end of Mustang. It’s tough to deal with an opponent like him because of his insane abilities. The fire would just get swallowed up and if you’re too reckless around him then it’s the end. At least he calmed down after Envy talked to him.

This episode did make me wonder about just what Wrath is thinking. He doesn’t seem to be so interested in the overall plan that his creator is up to. Perhaps Pride was right that he has interacted with humans for too long. He seems to feel that giving the reigns over to the energetic young people is the most fitting course. Though we shouldn’t take that as to say he will go easy on people. After all he was responsible for the damage to Ran Fan being so severe. Wrath should play a pretty big role in things especially due to his position as the top person in the country.

I have to give Ling some credit in this episode. He did a great job against Envy considering that guy’s abilities are pretty good. Got to see how creative his powers can be with the snake and blade. Though his greatest weapon without a doubt is throwing off opponents with the images of those they care about.

Still I wonder what kind of role that guy Hawkeye gave to Ed will play. It’s not like he needs a firearm to fight after all. Besides against a Homunculus those things aren’t quite as effective due to the regeneration. She knows firsthand against Lust how emptying all the bullets she has won’t change anything.

Oh and can’t forget the appearance of Doctor Marcoh who we haven’t seen in a long time. Tough spot for that guy as another candidate for human sacrifice though in his case he is being held captive. Sadly the good guys have people they care about and they can be used as hostages.

Anyways can’t wait to see how Mustang and Ed try to get out of their situations.

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  1. Envy actually isn’t that good at fighting in this iteration of FMA. In terms of martial arts skills the only homunculi who’s better than the Xingese characters is Wrath (other can make up for it in their abilities). In the manga when Mustang and crew chased after Barry’s real body, Ling and Ran Fan actually fought Gluttony and Envy and the Xingese warriors killed the homunculi quite a few times. This wasn’t depicted in the anime though. Ling is turning out to be pretty awesome haha.

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