Spice and Wolf II – 11

Horo discusses ending the journey while the situation in town becomes more dangerous.


Well things have definitely gone pretty bad here. While I think you could have expected trouble the whole city going to hell was still a bit of a surprise. Of course it makes sense when you consider the tension that is exists within the city. No wonder with the government situation impeding on their business, the cancelling of the expedition, and the church silencing people that speak up. This is a group ready to do something drastic. No wonder the old man wanted to get out of town. Feel for Rigolo who may be in real danger and not to mention his garden will likely be lost in this.

At least we can understand even better why Horo agreed to this plan. She planned on separating from Lawrence so she wanted to have him set up the best he possibly could be before that. Kind of reminds me of last season when Lawrence didn’t think he could repay the debt and left Horo with what little money he had. Her fears were verbalized for the sake of Lawrence and they were expected to a degree. I’m sure knowing he would die long before her was part of it despite what she says. But she really is afraid of the good times ending and things stagnating. If things just keep getting better is there a limit? I can understand the fear of their banter and fooling around getting worn and no longer as fulfilling as it currently is. Instead Horo would rather end things now while they are really happy and can keep it all as a beautiful memory.

Glad Lawrence made a strong statement after hearing her talking like that. Of course he didn’t carry it through but at least he was upset. After all he went through in Kumerson it’s not like he’s willing to stop travelling with her. I suspect he’ll have to say some more things to her later on. His nature of being so kind is actually part of Horo’s fear. Even if there is fear their feelings can’t let them go their separate ways now. I think it comes down to what Lawrence wants and what his dream is. Before it was naturally to have a shop and be more and more successful. But now I wonder if that dream really matters so much to him anymore? He’s not at all excited about getting a shop rather he is worried about losing Horo. Dreams change and perhaps it is more like Rigolo in being something simple. Rather than success just being around Horo is what he wants. I don’t think there is anything wrong with a dream like that.

We did get some interesting background on Abe. She has had a pretty rough background and definitely has ambitions. A person that has something to prove can be pretty dangerous when you think about it. How far would she go and what would she do to prove her worth? But still at least you can understand what drives her and realize there are people with all sorts of pasts in the world.

I wonder just how this whole situation will turn out. It’s a pretty chaotic mess right now with so much going on. Lawrence and Horo are in the middle of a very angry city right now. There is already smoke and fire and in a city like that it could get out of control very quickly. People are so angry and could point their weapons at anyone. Not to mention we have the issue between Lawrence and Horo. Reminds me of the first arc with how dangerous things have become right now.

On a light-hearted note the whole tail touching scene was pretty nice. Goes to show you can’t just touch a girl’s tail and get away without a scratch. Not often you see that kind of blush on Horo’s face.

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  1. Yeah, the rebellion took me by surprise, too, even though all the signs are there regarding the tension within the city. Really cannot wait to see what happens next — I bet Lawrence is glad it is not his fall that a plan fell through!

    Lawrence really does need to take a stand and say with Horo. Both of them have changed so much since they have met each other. Who’s to say Lawrence’s dream has not changed, either? What if Lawrence wants to stay with Horo in her homeland? Or if Horo sees her home, and does not want to stay? And what if Horo splits with Lawrence but comes to think of it as a terrible regret rather than a loving memory? They need to take a chance and stay together.

  2. @Shinmaru
    I have to say the rebellion made sense when you look for the signs. Of course I think everyone was more focused on Horo and Lawrence rather than the situation in the city. First you have the selling Horo issue and then Horo’s feelings in this episode grab your attention. So no shock that many didn’t see a rebellion coming until it happened.

    Lawrence has had outside events really mess up his plans. After all the armour selling plan was sound before that Northern Expedition was canceled. It still surprises me how much all these cities are connected. A religion based event has thrown numerous cities into chaos.

    I’m really hoping for a huge moment next episode regarding Lawrence taking a stand. Horo is working off the assumption that Lawrence’s dreams haven’t changed at all. If a shop was all that mattered wouldn’t he have left the issue with Amati alone? We saw how far he was willing to go in the first season when it came to that coinage situation. He isn’t anywhere near so eager here to jump in since it involves Horo. You are right that they have both changed and who knows what will happen when they reach the north. Horo may decide to continue traveling with Lawrence and return home one day in the future.

    Anyways the only regret I have is that the second season is nearly over. I need more seasons!

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