Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 23

Ling tries to escape Bradley while the Elric brothers continue their fight with Scar.


Well one disappointing thing was the fact that Scar got away. Oh the irony of that girl attacking the person she was searching for the entire time. Hopefully that kid gets dropped off a cliff. That guy has to be stopped and there are too many reasons for him to not be allowed to wander around anymore. It’s not like he’ll ever develop from the point he is at anyways. On the positive full points to Hawkeye for the knee-capping. Getting that shot while driving the car just shows what a great shot she can be. Too bad so many enemies in this series are pure monsters. Working for Roy Mustang is not an easy thing that is for sure.

I’m suddenly very afraid for Winry. Finding her in there with Bradley was kind of terrifying since you know what he is. Even her getting away for now isn’t all that comforting. Since at some point they could use her as a bargaining chip against Ed and Al. Still there was some really nice development for her. Going back to Rush Valley for now is probably the best move for her. It’s doing no good for her to feel like she can only sit and wait. Even though repairing automail won’t really help things with Ed and Al at least she can feel active. One of the best parts of this episode has to be her realization about being in love with Ed. It’s something when a person just calmly sits there and says “oh, I get it.” Too bad they have to separate right when she figures that out, but there is certainly time in the future to deal with it. Besides this is far more than the first season and that movie ever accomplished in this area.

Damn Ran Fa is a pretty amazing person. I mean how many can decide their arm is now useless and just chop it off? Not to mention she actually remembered Ed’s trick and used it to a certain degree by tying it to that dog. I feel for the animal trailing around a bloody limb like that. Of course the plan worked so at least the sacrifice wasn’t a waste. Glad she didn’t do something crazy like kill herself feeling she wasn’t any use. Ling probably wasn’t ready to the level of being able to sacrifice Ran Fa. He can act pretty relaxed but he is a person that feels strongly. Good on Mustang to get that doctor to come in and treat her. Hard to say about her future but at least she is still alive.

I won’t make the same mistake as last time. A huge plot point was the group finding out it’s possible Bradley is a homunculus. This is even bigger than just being connected to them. Imagining the leader of your country as being one of those guys. There might still be some doubts since he is an unusual one. Mustang’s position gets more and more dangerous with Bradley realizing that he captured Gluttony. He can only avoid being targetted for so long. Well that is assuming he can avoid the enraged Gluttony.

Everything is just dangerous right now. Gluttony in that state is probably more dangerous than we would think. Hopefully they can take him down quickly. It was a good plan to capture him, but I guess holding one of those safely is impossible.

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