Suzumiya Haruhi II 14 (2009 – 24) [Final]

Haruhi finishes her movie.


This episode was really good I thought a great end to the movie arc. The one thing that just absolutely surprised me though, in this episode, was the amount of talk between Kyon and the supernaturals about not trusting each other. There was a lot of talk about how they didn’t believe each other’s theories, things like Koizumi telling Kyon not to trust Mikuru because she is getting close to him because it’s her job. Things like Mikuru saying he doesn’t trust Koizumi and he may lie, and then even Yuki basically saying there is no point in her telling him anything because she may be lying to him. This really seems to be the first case where there has been this much distrust amongst them or at least the first time they have shown such differences in their opinion and how those differences may mean more than simply believing something else, it means not trusting them and casting suspicions. I just wish they had time to explore something like that issue further.

I absolutely loved the end. Kyon telling Haruhi pretty much the truth about Mikuru, Koizumi, and Yuki and then having her just not believe him because it was too easy was hilarious I thought. Of course it’s not like he told her about her being a god or anything, but still pretty much telling Haruhi this very important information an just having her simply not believe him because it’s too easy was hilarious. This episode had a lot of really funny and great moments. I loved the whole thing with Shamisen. The fact that the cat actually talked and how he was actually making these almost philosophical questions about human conversation and the likes was very funny.

Final Thoughts:

Oh Haruhi….This season has been just so….interesting. It’s no secret that it has been one of the most ridiculous things to ever happen in anime for them to actually air eight episodes that were all the exact same thing except for five minutes at the end. The Endless Eight arc was pathetic. With it, it’s just put this huge scar on the whole Haruhi series. It was just so disappointing waiting almost three years for this season only to have over half of it be just nothing.

This season wasn’t all horrible. However there still seemed to be something off about it. Even the better parts of the season weren’t quite as good or didn’t have the impact as the first. However, I still have to give credit to Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody and then the movie arc. The whole season wasn’t too bad. It was really cool seeing in Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody that Kyon and Haruhi basically have a connection that far back and that he was a part of some of her pranks. I really wish they would have expanded that more. It seemed like something that was important enough to impact things a bit more, but there are always the books for that. And although it seems like it’s actually quite long for what it did, there were still a lot of good parts to the movie production arc, plus just the fact that you got to see what went into the movie, which was already a part of the first season, was good too. Plus things like Mikuru’s laser actually working and the cat talking were just hilarious.

It’s hard to describe exactly why, but really to me the “Haruhi” series will always be just the first 14 episodes. Even without the Endless Eight arc weighing down this season, and although I liked a lot of things about the movie arc and so on, there was just something about this season that didn’t quite live up to the previous one. Sure some of it may be attributed to the fact that when the first season aired everything was new, but there are plenty of other series that have multiple seasons and I still like them both or all, and effectively consider all seasons part of this series. However here, it’s not the quality of the episodes it’s really more the feel of them. There was just something off about this season. It was too different from the previous one. The first season will always be what I consider the entire “Haruhi” series to really be.

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