Bakemonogatari – Sengoku Snake Arc

I do have to admit that one of the main reasons why I loved this arc was Sengoku was extremely cute. I mean VERY freaking cute, I watched her OP several times…Anyways, and there are other reasons why I liked this arc though. There was Sengoku….I mean, there were some interesting things going on. First off it is the first time they’ve really talked much about Araragi’s past, and bringing up a childhood friend of sorts, even with the age difference, was nice to see because they started to focus on more than just the oddity of the arc and o the main characters. Plus this one really seemed to have this state of urgency to it. Sure Kanbaru nearly killing Araragi was urgent, but it wasn’t life threatening of the person suffering from the oddity. Mayoi wasn’t in any super immediate life threatening danger, but here we see Sengoku was and it kind of had me on the edge of my seat.

I do of course have to mention something about the animation and the lack of certain scenes in this episode. Now I had actually read, before watching, that this episode had an issue with scenes missing. Apparently Shaft is very short on animators and is really pushing to get these released in time, hence the lack of certain scenes. I do think that is a shame because Shaft does some of the most creative and original animation I’ve seen. While this series bring sit to another level of weirdness, stuff they’ve done for other series like ef has been great. Hopefully this will be fixed in a DVD release or something because as it is now it’s quite obvious something is wrong. Reusing frames when it doesn’t make sense, having conversations and actions happen during still frames or the blank screens. Some blank scenes and are fine, if it’s part of the flow, but during the fight with the snake something was obviously off.

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  1. Yeah the lack of animation at the end was pretty disappointing. The rest of the arc was pretty decent (or indecent with all the pedo-bait lol)

  2. I agree the animation near the end was just terrible. You could tell they just couldn’t finish in time and had to resort to just hitting you with still images and those cards. Now they have been used plenty in the series but not to hide the fact they didn’t have things done. You knew it wasn’t about censoring since they’ve shown worse damage being done to Araragi.

    Think this arc was most important regarding Araragi. It’s about his future and the kind of person he is. Focusing on University so he could stay near Senjougahara was pretty nice. It shows how much the talk they had in the last arc affected him. But also there is the question about Araragi’s involvement with oddities. Last time he was nearly killed and this time he almost died trying to save the guy that cursed Sengoku. He can’t turn away when these things present themselves to him and he can’t stand not saving everyone he possibly can. Senjougahara was right that he would try to save anyone. Oshino won’t be there to help him forever and then what? His future in that regard also has to be looked into. He could just become a normal human and turn his back if he would abandon Shinobu. Problem is I can’t see him defying his behaviour.

    Agree Sengoku was really cute. Too bad she went through such suffering. Seemed like she was screwed anyways since even if she accepted the confession the girl probably would have still cursed her. At least this arc had a crazy cute OP.

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