Hayate no Gotoku II – Sakuya’s Birthday Arc and Rising Issues – Final Impressions

I thought this episode concluded a good number of episodes that were all pretty good. Although the event of Sakuya’s birthday wasn’t that impressive, the other things that occurred at this party and around it were pretty interesting. We have this big moment with Hina and Ayumu where Hina openly admits to herself and Ayumu that she loves Hayate. We have even more kind of serious talk between Hayate and Nagi about leaving one another and so on. It just seemed to have a lot.

I do have to admit I was surprised and saddened to hear that this season as ending soon. I’m horrible at actually looking up how many episodes a series will be when it starts, so I’m always surprised by its length but with this one, I had just assumed that it would be a long 52 episode run like the previous season. Hayate really has become one of my favorite shows, and even though this season lacked some of the charm the first season had by just being new, and it does seem to contain less parody type humor, it actually did a lot of things better then the first season in terms of character development and revealing things that can be considered actual overall plot and not just the single episode content. We have this whole thing with Nagi’s mother, Hayate’s family is being talked about more seriously, its revealed he has a brother, they’ve talked several times about this girlfriend he seemed to have I elementary school. Then there are things like the development between Hayate and Ayumu, Hina actually admitting to herself and Ayumu that she loves Hayate. While things like this may seem small, given that it’s obvious to the viewers the feelings of these people, for the characters themselves to realize it themselves I pretty big. All of this seemed to just really be developing and then…boom, it’ll end soon.

Hell, there’s even more! We have characters like Haru actually being introduced that seem like they could play some part later down in the road, and in this episode alone the other student council character was holding a pendant that is very much like the one Nagi’s grandfather gave to Hayate. PLUS Isumi said something a couple episodes ago about people not able to let things go, alluding to Nagi’s grandfather trying to do something to bring his daughter, Nagi’s mother, back to life. We never really got a lot of info on that pendant, but suddenly the grandfather and the pendant are hinted at, but again we get very little information. It’s just very frustrating seeing how this series has so much more to offer, yet can’t.

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  1. All the reasons you mentioned are why I am hopeful we get a season 3 of Hayate. Back in April I never would have said that. I did not finish season 1 of Hayate and only watched season 2 on a whim because it was available on Crunchyroll. Had the first few episodes been similar to season 1 midpoint, I probably would have dropped the show again. I always loved Hina and Isumi, but Ayumu has developed into my third favorite character thanks to her increased role in season 2.

  2. I think that most, if not all, of the issues you mention have already tackled in the manga (I’ve read up to volume 20, the latest). So the fact that they’ve even shown in episode 24 a shot of Hayate’s girlfriend (Athena) when there’s clearly no time to deal with it in this season leads me to hope they are assuming already there will be a third season. I think that even now they’d have almost enough material from the manga to make it.

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