Tears to Tiara – 23

Arawn and the others climb through the giant fortress Palladium.


Disclaimer: I don’t feel like pretending I don’t know what is going to happen, and writing a section without spoilers and then one with them, as I’ve played the game. This post will contain massive spoilers to the whole plot. If you don’t want to be spoiled, then don’t read on. I won’t spoil anything simply for the sake of spoiling it, no needless spoilers, but they will be there. Final warning.

I was very surprised with this episode. I found it to be very good. What surprised me the most is that I really liked the episode, despite it not being in the game at all. In the game there were none of these splitting up and tackling different obstacles, they all just walked together, fought some monsters, and got to the top, it was actually rather anti-climatic, the approach to the final boss. However with this episode I think for the first time they actually added something that is an improvement. I liked the bit with Llyr and Rathty, though I wish they would have spent a bit more time talking about the anguish of the past events and made things more serious, talking about the way things were before, after all, the elves were almost wiped out but they haven’t really talked about it much. I did also like Riannon kind of meeting with Primula, which didn’t really happen that much in the game I don’t recall, though you always knew that was her true name.

While I said that I prefer these events to the ones that occurred in the game, there is one part that I wish they would have kept. For the most part, the changes were simply hat they added content to this area of the story, but not changed things. However, with the Londinium mayor, that is not the case. IN the game, they fight against the Londinium mayor in the arena and everything in Londinium. It’s part of the tournament and they win and Arawn becomes mayor of Londinium, which furthers the story about how they are breaking the empires hold on things. While I’m sure they will still have the mayor turn into a giant monster when he fights Octavia and Morgan, it won’t quite be the same as it was in the game.

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