Aoi Hana – 11 [Final]

Fumi, Achan, and their friends have a Christmas party.


I thought this episode was great. They are finally getting into some of the more important things it seems. The episode just seemed to b very heavily focused on Fumi and her feelings. While the same could kind of be said about some of the more recent episodes, they almost seemed to deal with Fumi getting over Sugimoto more than anything else really. However here, it focused on what Fumi felt. Her figuring out her feelings for Achan, who her first love was, and so on. While they have hinted in the past about Fumi’s feelings towards Achan, they never had Fumi herself realize them until now which I think is just aweome. This will be one of the more important parts of this whole series I think, because now that she realizes she has those feelings they may be able to actually do something about it. I’m still curious as to how Achan may realize her feelings, because right now she hasn’t hinted at much more than being friends, let along that she likes girls.

I also have to admit I find it very charming and fun to watch the little romance/crush going on between that one girl from Fumi’s school and Achan’s brother. Although for the most part I wish they would not focus on some of these side stories and get into the main one between Fumi and Achan, this one at least seems kind of small and charming enough that it’s not taking away focus, but still fun to have as an addition to the show. It seems like they are spending an awful lot of time on Sugimoto and Akira when right now, with Fumi having broken up with her, it doesn’t affect the overall span of things.

Final Thoughts:

I have to say I was just absolutely shocked that this series ended so early. The way they were developing things I would have thought this series would have 24-26 episodes. They took their time getting into things; they started out with developing a relationship between one of the main characters and someone else. That alone made me think that a good portion would be being in this relationship, getting out, and having that experience make them realize their feelings for the other main character. Which all happened exactly. However I then figured that they would actually do something with all of that. This series, ending where it did, has just seemed to be nothing but one big set up to another season or series. Everything that happened was just to set up this possible relationship between Achan and Fumi. However when they finally get Fumi to realize her feelings, when they finally get things so they can move forward….it ends. It’s really quite sad. They spent so much time really building up this great story, only to do absolutely nothing with it.

I really do hope there is another season, that’s all I can say. Without another season, this series really isn’t very good. Sure it’s not horrible, but it just leads off into nothing. There needs to be some kind of conclusion to this all. It’s one thing for a series to end open ended, or to end abruptly with things still to cover, but usually they still have at least some kind of climax. They still have something that concludes at the end, even if it isn’t the overall plot. There is just something that usually gets dealt with in addition to whatever is left open ended. However here, all we get is a build up to something and nothing. There really needs to be another season or this series is pretty much nothing.

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