Aoi Hana – 10

Sugimoto’s sister’s wedding takes place.


This episode was alright, but until the end it didn’t actually seem like it amounted to much. Sure the wedding is kind of a big event, but it’s really with some characters that didn’t seem to affect Acchan or Fumi. It kind of progresses along Sugimoto’s story, but even with her I was really surprised at how little this wedding seemed to matter. There was no huge personal revelation or confession from her about something that this wedding brought out, it didn’t really seem to mean much of a difference at all, so I was quite surprised they really did much with it at all.

What I was most impressed with in this episode was Fumi. Near the end when she had the run in with Sugimoto, it was quite interesting. At first I didn’t quite understand what was going on. She was just being weird and not wanting to be around her, although I sort of understood where she would be coming from but at the end Fumi just did this huge personality twist and just told Sugi off. Not just saying something weakly about how she is sad to be apart or something, but telling her to “grow up” was pretty damn big of her, especially for someone of her personality and especially towards someone who normally has a much higher and more….loud personality. I do hope that it is indeed over. I’m still waiting for the whole Fumi x Achan thing to happen but if they keep focusing on Sugimoto I don’t see them spending enough time on the others.

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