Spice and Wolf II – 10

Lawrence considers the offer from Abe and investigates the situation in town.


Now I really do like Horo’s character. She’s probably one of my favourites overall, though don’t ask my top favourite since that just starts a debate in my head. But I really think this decision to go ahead with selling her is a stupid and dangerous one. I have high respect for the Sage Wolf and her intelligence, but I really don’t think this is a good plan. For one this isn’t a necessary risk to take. Lawrence already made a personal decision that Horo was someone he absolutely couldn’t lose no matter what he had to do. Besides he made some good money from that last situation so it’s not like he’s hurting for cash. The second issue is the danger of doing this. They are in a major religious town that has the bishop trying to increase his power. Horo in the church’s view would be a demon that they would have to get rid of. If anything goes wrong they could be in a seriously dangerous situation. All anyone has to do is remove her hood or reveal her tail and it’s over. Now I hold Abe to a lower standard here because she doesn’t know this. Lawrence and Horo should be smarter than doing something like this. The bulk of the blame is on Horo since she pushed Lawrence into doing it.

I’m trying to understand her reasons here. Maybe she is trying to prove to him that she is willing to take risks and put herself on the line for Lawrence. Even though he misunderstood Lawrence did do everything he could to try and keep her with him (short of confronting her). Maybe Horo feels she has to take a chance as well. Or maybe she feels like she’s holding Lawrence back and doesn’t want him to go against his nature for her. She likes Lawrence for who he is and doesn’t want to take away the side of him that jumps in for a chance to make a big profit. I just think this isn’t a safe idea at all.

Another question is about Abe’s sweaty hands. Yes we’re talking about a girl having sweaty hands as an important plot point. Is that just a sign of nervousness? I mean Lawrence didn’t seem keen on doing this so I could understand being worried about it being rejected. Or is she plotting something and the nervousness showed? With only a couple episodes to go I can’t believe a betrayal is coming our way at this point. But at the same time this whole situation makes me feel nervous.

Credit should also go to the barmaid who gave us an insight into women’s minds. Lawrence probably was a guy that just went around not getting that much attention. I’m a guy so I can’t really say if Lawrence would appeal to girls or not. But now that he travels with Horo they start wondering what is so special about him. It’s also thanks to Horo that Lawrence can deal with that interest since his conversational skills have gotten sharper. Of course those girls should show caution since Horo defends her territory.

I’m about as interested in the next episode as I was in this one. This situation makes me nervous considering what is going on in town. The religious situation and the decision coming out of that meeting could create some real chaos.

2 thoughts on “Spice and Wolf II – 10”

  1. I think Abe’s shaking hands doesn’t indicate that she’s plotting something devious, because I think she’s on the up and up, but I’d guess that was meant to show that this deal is probably a lot riskier than maybe she described.

  2. I honestly think that Horo’s just a little crazy. She’s lost a lot of my respect this time, because she’s not treating Lawrence like a partner or trusting him. She practically forces and begs Lawrence to do this, despite it being obvious that he doesn’t want to (and as you pointed out, the fact that it’s pointless and stupid). She seems irrationally scared of his love, and possibly of her own growing love for him.

    And Lawrence? I think he’s just confused. She just pulled the ultimate reversal on him. She told him to do everything she told him not to do an episode or two ago. She is really pushing hard here, and I think he’s trying to figure out why.. he knows he won’t be able to stop her just by saying “no”, so he pretty much has to play along until he figures out what she has in mind (which is probably something irrational and dangerous).

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