Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei – 05 [Final]

Rena swallows a red Magatama and the others must deal with her falling in love with various Hinamizawa citizens.


Well after that serious string of episodes it’s probably right to end the Rei OVA series with a fun episode. Higurashi has been an interesting mix of the fun moments and the tragic ones. Now I personally do enjoy just seeing the characters have fun and perhaps that has to do with knowing what they have all gone through. Anyways having Rika fall in love with Tomitake, Takano, and Oishi was pretty hilarious. Really any of them getting with her would probably be a crime in most places. Of course it’s hard to resist Rena and especially when she hits on reasons why you should be with her. Loved using that mode which was a scary thing in the first season in a comical way here.

I feel a little for Rika in all of this. She gets her ass kicked and has to chase Rena around to find the stupid Magatamas. Besides Rena can really pack a punch if she gets serious as shown by the bodies of the others laying in the street. Maybe she was bothered a little bit by the end with Rena making her confession to Keiichi. Of course that can be excused due to outside influence, but I’m sure RenaxKeiichi fans were loving it. You wonder what Rika thinks about relationships considering how much she’s experienced. It probably hasn’t been something on the front of her priorities list since she was just trying to survive. At least she wasn’t the one between Takano and Tomitake at the end. So in that regard she got off pretty easy in this one.

Anyways it was good to see Akasaka again. Sure it was only for the mahjong game, but it’s still good to see him. Well I guess Higurashi decided to take on Saki a little bit with that match taking up the last third of the episode. Got pretty funny with Hanyuu being used to look around and investigate. Not to mention the apparent telepathy between Keiichi, Mion, and Akasaka. Who needs to speak when you can send your thoughts to the others? They really made it a big event with the crowd getting focused on it. Definitely a lot of pressure on Keiichi since he wasn’t as good a player as the others. Of course you have to be impressed by Rena’s ability to get into things quickly. I think Rena was right at the end though. Sure she might be different in changing herself to have the same interests as the person she liked, but really everyone just wants the person they like to like them.

This was just a fun episode to follow along. I mean the rockets from Satoko, Rena combat, and a mahjong game with serious background music just made it really enjoyable. Though at the same time I feel a little sad that this might be the last Higurashi anime we get to see. I really hope they decide to make another series down the road even if it’s just with episodes like this one. Considering all that has happened I don’t think it’s bad to just see the characters have some fun and see some interesting punishment games, haha. Anyways glad I decided to blog Rei.

Final Words:

This OVA was short in number, but it really took some time in order to reach the end. I was glad to hear that there was going to be an OVA made for this series. Really it was one of my favourites overall so anything more was great in my mind. I think they did the right thing here mixing the lighthearted episodes at the start and finish with the serious arc in the the middle. That arc was really focused on Rika and showed us a world that hadn’t been seen before. Since Rika was my favourite character there was nothing to complain about for me. It was hard to see her going through a difficult time that wasn’t so much about risk of death, but of being stuck in a place that felt alien to her.

I have to say they did a good job with the animation here. The way they did Kai and Rei just worked a lot better with me in comparison to the first season. It may all be subjective but I really liked how the eyes looked in Rei. Now perhaps some fans of Satoko wouldn’t be happy that her character got beaten up by both Rika and Rena in this OVA. Still I think anyone who liked Higurashi was glad that these episodes were made.

So here is hoping this isn’t the last we see of Higurashi anime. Of course there will always be the first two seasons and now Rei to reflect on no matter what.

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