Spice and Wolf II – 09

Lawrence and Horo visit Rigolo and Abe asks Lawrence a frightening question.


Well this situation has gone into the “oh crap” category. You knew something was bound to happen and honestly Abe had me worried from the very beginning. There have been too many close calls with Horo lately and her tail being visible so she could have figured it out. It’s been a while since the church was used as a threat against Lawrence. Reminds me of the first arc and Chloe. This could be Abe trying to blackmail Lawrence for money in exchange for keeping quiet. After all she is a merchant and probably got close to Lawrence due to the funds he seemed to have. If her business in selling stones has been hurt by the Northern expedition being called off she would be desperate for some money. Lawrence might have been too careless and we don’t even know if Rigolo was part of this either.

Either way this could be very bad. I really want to see the next episode to just find out what exactly Abe is planning. Is it just blackmail or is Abe trying to use Horo to get into a better position with the church? If it’s influence isn’t so good lately then taking care of a ‘demon’ like Horo would be great for them. Show their power against the evil of the world or something like that. No matter how you look at it I can’t see Abe kidding around about a point like this.

This was such a nice episode for Lawrence and Horo banter. They really seemed to have fun playing around. It was something to see Horo being so open about how possessive she is. She really doesn’t want Lawrence paying attention to other girls. Probably is for the best that he talked to that barmaid alone or he might have not lived to see the next day. They danced around a little regarding Horo’s past romantic involvements. Considering her past I can’t believe she’s had many romantic partners. Of course you can’t rule out having any at all considering how many years she’s been around. While the villagers in the south were afraid of her that doesn’t mean she didn’t get involved while still in the north. But anyways Horo is the type that would stick with one person.

I felt for Horo at the end with the mention of being afraid. It’s pretty clear what she was afraid of, but Lawrence does struggle in understanding these things. She was alone for so long that being so happy and having someone she cares about that much scares her. The fear of losing that person and knowing that she would long out live him.

Anyways I can’t wait for the next episode. If the church gets pulled into this the situation could be very dangerous.

2 thoughts on “Spice and Wolf II – 09”

  1. Loved this episode. The exploration of Horo’s fears is really well done, and the banter between Lawrence and Horo is entertaining throughout. Fun to see Horo show Lawrence who is boss again, haha.

    And that final scene sent a jolt through me. I, too, was suspicious of Abe from the start, but damn. This arc is going to get pretty damn exciting from here!

  2. The banting/flirting between Horo and Lawrence had me grinning like a madman, nothing can top the character interactions between them. The scene where Horo said she was afraid had me yelling at Lawrence, god damn.

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