Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 21

Scar returns to the scene and Ed hatches a plan to lure out the homunculi.


On a light hearted note glad that I’ve caught up with the series. Way too much stuff kept me behind here and it’s good to be right in step again.

Anyways this episode did a good job of setting up the next fight and actually getting in the middle of them a little. The fight against Scar is important for a few reasons. It’s not like Ed and Al didn’t have a reason to fight Scar in the first place. He killed the Nina chimera and tried to take them out. But finding out that he killed Winry’s parents has given them a lot more ammunition. Winry is an important part of their lives and knowing that he killed her parents makes him a serious enemy. We should find out more about the circumstances in the next episode. I wonder if this fight is more about settling the score or drawing out the homunculi. It can work either way since it appears to have worked. They better find out quickly that the homunculi have taken the bait since I doubt the brothers can hold off Scar like that forever. You can only keep a guy of that level busy for so long before you have to start trying to take him down.

Ling and Ran Fa are in a serious jam right now. They’ll likely have to take on Wrath and Gluttony at the same time. After seeing how he took out Greed, Wrath is the one I’m the most worried about. He’s devastating at close range with those swords. Of course I doubt that Ran Fa and Ling are weak in that area. We haven’t really seen what Ling is capable of and if serious Ran Fa is a force. I’m sure they can handle themselves and it will be interesting to see how they do.

Things just keep getting more serious including the condition of Havoc. Being paralyzed like that and having to retire is just tragic. Mustang really is soft-hearted and doesn’t want to give up on a single subordinate. But there doesn’t seem to be much that can be done since even automail can’t help. I can’t believe he’ll be out of the picture forever, but I’m not sure what can be done for him with Marcoh having vanished. At least this event helped give us more insight into Mustang. He can act cold, but really his weak spot is how much he cares. I can agree with Havoc’s sentiments that getting to the top with that kind of attitude is tough. Yet at the same time I agree with how Risa felt. If Mustang can reach the top he’d definitely help move the country in a better direction.

But the fights coming up are the main focus. Plus I’m worried due to that preview with Winry getting close to the scene.

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  1. If you saw the preview, it gave a glimpse of Ling’s upcoming battle scene. He seems to be stronger than I give him credit for. Though I think the important part to take out of this episode in plot progression is the fact that team Mustang is aware that King Bradley is associated with the Hommunculi.

    I have to say my favourite part of this episode was how they began it with mustang since (for people who haven’t seen the original or read the manga) his well being was up in the air for a couple episodes.

    Very thorough recap though. Keep up the awesome work.

  2. @Anamae
    True I probably overlooked the point about Mustang knowing that there is a link between King Bradley and the Homunculi. Probably since we’ve known for a while now that he is one. But yeah talk about them getting a huge fish. If he can handle this right there will be an open seat right at the top where he wants to be.

    It was good to see that Mustang was recovering. Plus I honestly expected him to be attacked at any time. He knows a lot and has ambitions. Not to mention if you consider how angry Envy was there was reason to be worried about him. I wasn’t too worried about his injuries since it’d be just wrong for him to die after winning in such a way.

  3. Man, all the Wrath battles are going to be great in Brotherhood. They’re exciting in the manga, but seeing him in motion really shows you how physically imposing he is. I love it. Definitely would have crapped my pants if I had to face him when he was a young man, haha.

  4. you finally caught up.just few days b4 i see u at b4 ep 14,and now wow 21.
    i havent finish ur reviews yet….

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