Bakemonogatari – Suruga Monkey Arc

I really liked this arc more than I thought I would. I thought it would just be about some random girl liking Senjougahara and being helped by an oddity, and then some big speech giving her realization to let go of the oddity. The fact that it delved a lot deeper was really interesting. The way it compared the Monkey Paw story to that of this Mummy Hand was interesting. How a Monkey’s Paw would just twist a wish of the user so it may do something the wisher doesn’t want, but with the Mummy’s Hand it actually does do what the wisher wanted, but just what they subconsciously wanted. I think it would have been a lot less interesting if it was the simply old Monkey’s Paw story, as that has obviously been told before. However, having this twist about how she really did effectively want for Araragi to die made things all the more exciting. Senjougahara’s intervention at the end was brilliant, effectively tricking the paw into not being able to fulfill the wish because it would be a paradox. The Mummy Hand has to fulfill both the open wish and the subconscious one, and the way Senjougahara interfered made that a paradox. If the subconscious wish would be fulfilled, the open one would be impossible, I thought they handled it very good and it was just interesting and exciting to watch.

I am curious as to what more they are going to show as far as the relationship between Araragi and Senjougahara. Of course in this episode we see that their relationship has caused effectively jealously from someone else, but they haven’t really spent a lot of time showing the two of them being together or being very couple like. Of course that’s hard to do with Senjougahara being a freak and all. But it’s still something I would like to see. If they are going to go as far as to openly state that they are in a relationship and make it seem like it’s important to the story, then they should at least make it impact the story.

One thought on “Bakemonogatari – Suruga Monkey Arc”

  1. I liked this arc overall. It was interesting how it was a Rainy Devil rather than a monkey’s paw. It’s a lot more devious since it granted the subconscious wish. People have dark thoughts inside them so I can’t blame Kanbaru. With the first wish she really did want to be faster, but it was the hidden wish that got granted. Great job by Senjougahara for handling the situation and Oshino for calling her.

    I have to give Araragi some credit for trying to get the best result. He couldn’t just have Kanbaru’s arm chopped off. It’s not like he went in there to die and did try to help his odds with that power boost he got. Sadly it didn’t work.

    I’m also hoping there will be more time between Araragi and Senjougahara in the next arc.

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