Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 20

Ed meets with Hohenheim and finds a new direction for his journey with Al.


This was a key episode for the Elric brothers. Honestly they needed a direction after the philosopher’s stone turned out the way it did. Finally they have a way to get Al’s body back even though it seems as tough as finding a philosopher stone. I mean that gate wasn’t exactly easy to get to the first time and I can’t believe Al’s body will be easily retrieved. Still a direction is better than no direction.

I’m not sure what to make of their father at this point. He doesn’t quite seem like a villain and yet that ominous warning to Winry’s grandmother was creepy. The man just seems to be full of contradictions. He leaves for a long time and then suddenly returns. Then he talks down to Ed about why the house was burned. But at the same time he looks fondly at family pictures and seems to care about his son. He even went so far as to talk about what the brother’s created to send a clue that it wasn’t their mother. I just can’t figure the guy out and it’s no wonder Ed can’t stand him.

I really enjoyed the last part of the episode with Winry’s line. A major complaint from the original series and that evil movie for me was the lack of EdxWinry. This could be a real turning point for Winry’s feelings. It lined up nicely with how Ed embarrassingly brought up the memory of arguing with Al about who would marry Winry. Makes you smile a little since she did turn Al down back then which still leaves things open with Ed. I have no idea what has gone down in the manga, but I’m seriously hoping they do work on this pairing. Obviously with a series like this romance isn’t the major point, but at the same time it can still play a role.

4 thoughts on “Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 20”

  1. Great way to summarize the episode with screenshots. Though I can’t say the size of the picture has any connection with significance in the episode’s storyline.

    Neat concept nonetheless. Looking forward for episode 21’s take =)

  2. @D_T
    Well it’s how the blog was set up. The pictures are there for the visual summary and technically you can click on them, just that nothing will happen.

  3. lol evil movie XD
    i think the movie doesnt make sense at that part.honestly if u got achildhood friend and u may part forever u wouldnt leeave her that easily.

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