Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 19

Mustang’s group deals with homunculus attacks that climax in a showdown between Lust and the Flame Alchemist.


Holy crap that episode rocked! I mean damn Roy turned Lust into ashes. It was just sweet to watch him roast her and roast her and roast her repeatedly. Now that was just a beautiful thing to behold. Kind of scares you that a person being burned alive several times would be cool. But honestly the music and the visuals just came together for an amazing scene. Lust really screwed up by letting her guard down against Roy. Just leaving him for dead instead of making sure she finished the job. That must have been an insanely painful thing to use his fire to seal up his wounds. It goes to show that you can’t underestimate the Flame Alchemist and get away with it.

This was a great episode for Al as well. He really stepped up and grew a little bit. Honestly he’s been behind Ed through these events and through this he had his own badass moment. Sure it was protecting Risa from attacks, but he looked pretty confident doing it. Al even surprised Lust with his ability to transmute without the circle. Of course he’ll need to be fixed up after this.

I also liked what we saw from Hawkeye in this episode. She was really pissed that Mustang put himself at risk politically by showing up at the scene. Yet you could tell she was happy he came to save her. Plus the rage and pain she displayed when she thought Mustang was dead was also touching. It’s easy to tell the feelings that exist between the two although you wonder about them saying something to the other. Either way I give her credit for unloading into Lust and Gluttony. She was up against some really dangerous individuals and did a good job. It makes you wish that Hughes had that kind of backup.

The last part of the episode was pretty exciting in its own way. After dealing with that incredible showdown they actually had Ed’s father show up. You can bet that won’t be a happy reunion of any kind.

5 thoughts on “Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 19”

  1. @TJ
    No doubt about that. Mustang was really GAR in this one. I mean ripping the stone out of Lust’s chest and roasting her until she stopped regenerating. He even went with the classic not taking a step back from a charging enemy even though her last attack was right in front of him.

    Plus we get to see that Mustang and Hawkeye have a similar approach to enemies. Just start shooting them without warning :).

  2. Definitely my favorite episode in the series thus far. If I weren’t already a certified Mustang fanboy, I would have made the turn after that fight. Mustang being such a badass takes the sting out of Lust being gone from the series. (Bye, Kikuko Inoue. :()

  3. what does you guys means by GAR.i kept seeing this at ep 19 discussionXD.
    btw the teeh thing.in the manga it shown that the dental records are obtained from hawkeye.not htat spoiler now.
    yeah,bye inoune.
    and good spotting,flarknight

  4. @Shinmaru
    I have to say these past few episodes have definitely helped to make Mustang one of my favourites in the series. He’s shown his planning over the past few episodes and in this one he showed the power.

    I guess in this situation you could explain GAR as Mustang being incredibly badass/manly/cool, etc. Can always find better definitions if searched for, but just some anime terminology that’s popped up over the years.

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