Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 17

Ross is charged with the murder of Hughes and Mustang puts a plan into motion.


Geeze I wonder about this episode. I mean I have a feeling Ross wasn’t killed, but that could just be from seeing too many series where a death is faked. Either way it was a pretty shocking site to see the burned body. I just can’t think that Mustang really did that. His actions just feel way too weird. Not bothered by Hawkeye taking leave and what he said to Armstrong. Either he didn’t kill her and has plans or he has become an idiot who doesn’t care if the world wants to kill him. Maybe he wanted to make it seem like he was satisfied since he realized people were watching his movements. I lean toward her not being dead since he wants to know the truth about what happened to Hughes. There is no way he would just kill her on the spot without getting answers first.

Of course if he did kill her then the guilt will really come down on him later. Just killing an innocent person like Ross who was going to be used as a scapegoat like that….It’s just too sad if that’s really how things end for her. Hard on Ross to be used as the sacrifice, locked in jail, and then needing to be rescued by Barry….I mean it was a pretty tragic situation for her when the only options left were to be sacrificed or rescued by that guy.

I sure hope that Mustang didn’t kill Ross or else Ed will definitely go after him at some point. The anger in his eyes were pretty serious and Armstrong showed some good anger himself later in the episode. Mustang does care about the Elric brothers so I can’t see why he would pull the cold lecture on them. That trip with Armstrong will likely clear some things up. But still I wonder what would have happened in that alley if Al hadn’t restrained Ed. He was extremely angry in that moment and it could have turned into an ugly brawl. Doubt he was just going to grab him again and get knocked back.

That other Barry was interesting to see at the end of the episode. Guess his body wasn’t destroyed when his mind got transferred to that suit of armour. In Al’s case his body was gone so there wasn’t anything left (if you don’t count that thing they created). But for Barry they must have kept his body intact and from that scene maybe put the mind of an animal into it. I guess we will find out more on that side in the next episode.

It must be hard on Ed and Al to figure out their path. Even Winry isn’t sure how she wants things to go. Hughes and possibly Ross are dead and how many more might die as they try to get their bodies back? But if they stop then those deaths would be meaningless. It sucks either way for them.

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