Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 16

The Elric brothers and Winry arrive in Central and find out about the fate of Hughes.


Well this was one I felt bad even before the episode started. You just knew that the news about Hughes would really kill the Elric brothers and Winry. It was such a shock to find out that a friend had been lost. But even more than just the loss it was knowing that they had gotten him involved and there was definitely some self blame. I can understand Al feeling that if lives were going to be lost it would be better to not try and get their bodies back. Yet Gracia was right that if they just stopped trying then it would mean Hughes died for absolutely nothing. That would be a really sad thing to have happen after he did his best to the very end.

It’s no surprise that Mustang is pushing himself to the limit to find out what happened to Hughes. Of course it’s not going to help anyone if he collapses due to exhaustion. But he did lose a friend so I suppose it’s understandable that he would do all he could. The problem is that the homunculi are planning on using his passion against him. What a move to use Ross in order to misdirect the rage of the Flame Alchemist. A ridiculous thing since anyone knowing Ross would know she wouldn’t be capable of committing such a murder. Sadly with the transformation abilities of Envy they might be able to put up a decent case.

You could feel the sadness of Ed and Winry near the end. Leave the crying to Winry since she already made note of the fact she’s the one that has to do it in place of Ed and Al. Hopefully both can get through the loss and keep moving forward.

I think it was a little foolish to try and tell the Elric brother’s that Hughes had gone into the country. You would have to think they would talk to others and then the story wouldn’t hold up. Both Mustang and Armstrong just couldn’t let the brother’s know what happened.

Things are getting dark and the truth is hard for the character’s to find. Hopefully Ross survives this event.

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